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Help on Misty May Treanor report?

So for spanish we have to become a celebrity or tv character and since im a volleyball player i decided to do this! Misty May treanor :)! so we have to have props and im going to win a golden medal, volleyball but idk what else... I mean i can say like but i also like to play indoor volleyball sometimes so i wear my mizuno knee pads! or something like that haha :D

So questions:

What info do u know about misty may and keri walsh?

and also...

What other props do you think i should bring?

thanks to ALL in advanced :D

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    Misty won NCAA Championship at USC Long Beach. She also won high school championship at Newport Harbor School in 1992 and 1994. She was setter in high school and college. She had 36-0

    and won the whole thing and because Women to go undefeated in D-1 volleyball

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    Of course bring a volleyball and just look up a few facts about Misty Treanor May.

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    Wear her official volleyball uniform - a bikini.

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    Lots of biographical info and videos at Misty's website --

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