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im miserable sia and need help lah i'm bulemic?

long bang imnt sure what to do im 15 lah n da rec oveirng blemic lah and 2day one of me girlfriends auntie in the city she joked about me being fatt n this chavvi bloke (some sang sem kia dahe lah xia lang da xi he) n my class god savem hate scallychav li da loh hed be wearin li cap o iono cap lah in frunna qi dong mao queen lizbeth o someting kine da loh) goes nd say waever well shes not exactly princess di l8ly no w is she well for some rzn i just started cryin and i ran home chao keng lah (lol) and eat and a at a te... i ate in tottal 10 donuts and more then a dozene cookes ler and a big mack lah with supersiz ed fri es loh and a coked luh and then just now i eatt 3 snicker bars lah n a hersheys dei plz im fat plz help im outta me bleedin mind lah... right now the tears jiak katang are garang streemin i cant quit cryin and i wnt to put me finger down me plz help obiang seh.. :(

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    See your Doctor. John 3:16


  • 9 years ago

    Talk to Jesus; He will help you.

    Hebrews 4:16

  • 9 years ago

    Not on my floor you ain't!

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