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topic for alice in wonderland term paper?

i have to write a 5-7 pg term paper on lewis carroll's alice's adventures in wonderland and need a topic to write about! im open to suggestions. please add explain ur topic if u can while youre at it. thanks again!

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    Look up spark notes. Write about the characters she encounters in the book. The smoking caterpillar or the Cheshire Cat the mad tea party, the mad hatter and the Queen of hearts, "off with their heads". How she grows too big and then small and walks into the mirror and enters this crazy dream world.

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    I wrote a paper on the e book in 9th grade, and have been given an F or something, and because then I quite have been thinking with regards to the subject of the tale, and that i think of it is the assessment between good judgment and illogic. mutually as Alice is making an attempt her ultimate to re-set up good judgment, her environment are doing their ultimate to cutting-edge illogic. She over and over and quite naively insists on a return to good judgment, as though she is out of her element in her new illogical environment. She finally pulls rank on the p.c.. of enjoying cards to dispel their impact.

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    love alice in wonderland

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    listen to 'White Rabbit' and trip on acid or shrooms.

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