I haven't grown for 2-3 years?

Basically, I am nearly 16 and I have been the same height for around 2-3 years now... Is this normal?

I am currently 1.72m, roughly 5 ft 7, But I have been this height since i was 14 at least... Is this normal? Am I likely to grow more? Is it really possible that I have stopped getting taller already at 14? I'm a boy by the way...

Oh and if it helps, I'm not at all overweight, have no health conditions etc and exercise around 4-5 times a week...


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    10 years ago
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    Hello Moto:

    Yes, you are a bit short. So, then go! See a doctor and read on. First. Without becoming too technical, as your body reaches puberty the long bones become fixed in length. Fixed. Second. The height of a person is controlled by a hormone from the pituitary gland called: the Human Growth Hormone (HGH), too little of this juice and you'll be short and ill; too much and you play in the NBA, and be ill (no joke.) Third. Science has synthesized HGH making it readily available through doctors who prescribe it to rich pals like Barry Bonds, rich buddies like Sylvester Stallone, oh, oh, and, and occasionally even short children.

    I say 'DNA be darned! Parent's tall or short – irrelevant. It is the HGH! Say after me: H-G-H! For thirty years medical science has made older ball players and totally old movie stars look young; it can also treat the illness of 'being short' which is a real congenital defect that effects the heart, lungs, and stature.

    There are at least Two problems.

    One. Narrow window of time . . . This hormone, HGH, can easily bring a short person to full height, if, if, if they get it in time. Time. This stuff will not work if, if your bones are mature.

    Second. HGH is so much in demand by rich sports/movies people that . . . many family MDs may be wary of Federal scrutiny. So you Doctor may be reluctant to prescribe therapeutic HGH to the honestly-short boys who really need it. Just wait they often say; everyone will say. The Ignorant among us will chant 'DNA' as if DNA is fate. But realize, lots of the people who are saying, "DNA, DNA, just wait" are really laughing, and it ain't funny.

    Your challenge is to get to a Pediatrician, Endocrinologist, or Urologist for a simple blood panel. Then you will really know your situation and options. But, you must do this before your time for help has passed. Also, mentally toughen-up by demanding people stop laughing, demanding your folks and friends support you – then get your blood test and study the stature-age chart. Do not listen to silly anecdotes that all go like this: my mother's second cousin was only five-feet tall at his graduation and now he's over six-feet tall! Yeah, right, in what fantasy-world do they live? My last thoughts Remember: Time, HGH (not DNA) toughen up, oh, and Time. Good Luck.

    Stature Chart


    Check out this quote is from a great site – Magic Foundation:

    Quote: "What surprises most people is the fact that [HGH deficiency] affects much more than just a child's height. Concerns for families of children diagnosed with Growth Hormone Deficiency include serious problems relating to; heart strength, lung capacity, bone density, immune system function and much more! The entire body is affected if a child is growth hormone deficient! Therefore, it is IMPORTANT to identify children with growth hormone deficiency as early as possible to avoid the permanent internal delays and damage in addition to the potential loss of permanent inches."

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago


    Good intake of calcium daily as found in various foodstuffs like tonned milk, banana, ragi, nachni, yogurt, my favourite nachos with cheese..

    a best way i cud advice is to have milk shakes(chocolate, coffee flavoure) 2-3 times a day as an replacement for tea, coffee is a good alternative...

    Good sleep aftr exercises helps ur bones to relax and expand.. Atlest 8hrs good sleep at night...

    Remember food without exercises or exercises without food wont help you much.

    Also there are genetics n familial relationships related to height.. i.e if either ur parents are short heighted or either ur brother , sister.. than there are little chances for increase in height...BUT keep a positive attitude follow the daily regimen of food n exercises.If you goin to gym regularly, i wud advice not to perform any weight lifting exercises... stritctly NO..

    Herbal Solutions:

    Being a medical student myself, the best advice i wud like to give is " supergrowth height enhancer "

    These herbal growth remedies are found to be the permanent cure of short height. The herbal product can be bought from http://www.supergrowthenhancer.com

    The herbal product have a certain procedure for treating the short height. The herbs correct the chemical as well as hormonal imbalances which is the actual cause of the short height. These imbalances lead to the persistent short height and posture. The best thing about super-growth is that it is effective even after puberty.

    i hope i have given the best advice to u... Hoping u mark this as best answer in the options given... take care frnd

    Share the knowledge to othrs too if possible...

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

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  • 10 years ago

    You are not growing anymore because you must have received your grow spurt at an early age. The same thing happened to me. I received my grow spurt at the age of 10 and stopped growing at the age of 14-15.

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  • 4 years ago

    As some distance as I recognize they possibly OK and so they would no longer. I could verify them via wrapping them in a humid paper towel, after which in a sandwich bag (plastic) in a dismal situation. If they sprout - plant them. If they do not toss them out. I wish that is helping!

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Well time will tell but you likely aren't going to get alot taller.

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