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How do I apply for dual citizenship? For Canada and USA.?

I was born In Canada,

Is the process easy since I am Canadian?

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    US citizenship is the final reward for immigrants who lived in the US for at least half a decade as lawful permanent residents (LPR), always paid their taxes, have a good moral character, and meet other criteria. So the first step for you would be to become a permanent resident. You will need to have your spouse apply for an immigrant visa for you, which first starts with an Affidavit of Support where he or she would have to declare that money to take care of you won't be an issue. If you are not married to a US citizen yet, you'll have to wait until you are. The desire to move to the USA is not enough.

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    you will would desire to flow in the process the naturalization approach of the two international locations. while you're basically in Canada as a scholar then you are no longer a landed immigrant as you would be able to desire to return on your place united states of america after your analyze are over. while you're eligible then you've the means to return to Canada as an immigrant and start up the naturalization technique. this might take 3-5 years (looking on your status). then you may additionally make an application for citizenship. regardless of each and every thing of it particularly is done then in case you desire to flow to united states of america you are able to start the approach there. back it is going to take 3-5 years so you may be eligible for citizenship. As you will see that this technique will take approximately 10 years, while you're fortunate.

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    No. Being a Canadian citizen does not give you any special treatment. You will have to go through the pipes just like everyone else.

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    The USA does not recognize dual citizenship.

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    You need a US green card for a few years first and live there

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