Where can i go to get online tutoring?

I'm a freshman in college and i just finished my first semester. I've come to realize that i'm not as good as i thought i was in maths and sciences and i'm looking for a tutor. For next semester i have to take calculus and general chemistry. I didn't do so well in either for my first semester and i really need help understanding the many concepts of both. I've gone to tutoring at my school but it didn't seems to help. Any suggestions?

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  • 10 years ago
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    If you need to learn subjects like Calculus or Chemistry then here are some resources that you can try out

    You can look in your local telephone book under a section like "tutoring" to see if you can hire a good tutor.

    You can use the search engine Google.com to find many free tutorials, forums, videos and other information

    For example if you use the search engine like Google.com and you type in "Calculus tutorial" or "Calculus forum" or "Calculus tutoring" then you will find many tutorials, forums and tutors for learning Calculus

    There are many answer engines such as www.wolframalpha.com or math evaluators such as www.quickmath.com or www.mathway.com that will solve almost any math or science problem and has information for almost any subject or topic

    www.wolframalpha.com - Chemistry


    HippoCampus.org has many good tutorials for Algebra, Biology, Calculus and etc...they also show which textbooks to get for certain subjects:


    HomeSchoolMath.net has many tutorials for Geometry, Algebra, Trigonometry and other math subjects:



    SparkNotes has good study guides for various subjects, tests and etc.



    You can go to your local library or store or an online store like Amazon.com to find many good books, DVDs, science kits and etc. for learning many things

    Forgotten Calculus is a good introductory book used in many Calculus classes




    YouTube has videos for learning almost any subject or topic

    Khanacademy has many free tutorials for Calculus, Chemistry and other subjects on YouTube


    Good luck and I hope this helps!

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    You can try Indian sites to get a good deal, esply in maths & science.

    Source(s): www.teachersdigest.org
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