what is wikileaks all about?

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  • 10 years ago
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    Wikileaks is hardly a "whistleblower" site.

    It's a propaganda site, obtaining information illicitly and distributing it with direct attempt to damage certain parties, namely the US, which Assange hates.

    Wikileaks is strongly anti-US biased. If there were any information about Bin Laden, for example, you won't be hearing it from Wikileaks.

    Have you heard anything bad about North Korea? Iran? No? That should convince you that it has its own agenda.

  • 10 years ago

    Wikileaks is a whistle-blower website. When people have sensitive information that wouldn't otherwise be published in the media, but they feel it needs to be known by the general public, they send it to Wikileaks.

    Of course, this can make certain governmental organizations not look good, which is why some people who leak information to Wikileaks can be in mortal danger.

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