does anyone have any quick, fun and easy science fair project ideas?

i'm in 10th grade, but it doesnt matter what grade level, as long as it isnt like elementary school.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    You could take a nonmagnetic piece of metal and turn it into a magnet. You can do this by taking a battery, coiling a wire around some type of metal containing mostly cobalt, nickel, or iron, and touching the ends of the wire to the ends of the battery. The metal will become a strong magnet while the current is going through, and it will keep some of its magnetism even after you remove it. The stronger the current, the stronger the magnetism. This is called an electromagnet. If you do this, be sure to explain the forces behind electricity and magnetism (it's really easy to make).

  • 4 years ago

    you could communicate approximately helium and warm air and how it quite works and each thing and for the test you will get a plastic trash bag (sparkling and skinny) and take like little rods and placed it mutually to kind and x that suits interior the trash bag and make a splash platformish element on the x's element then placed candles on the platform tie a string on any rod to hold it up and illuminate the candles(oh i forgot! it would be birthday candles;)) and voila! my chum have been given an A+ for that i'm hoping you do to! and in case you do unlike which you would be able to try the ice cream technological expertise undertaking! they have this video on youtube on a thank you to make ice cream with a ziploc bag and it incredibly is tremendously cool. you additionally can try static electrical energy and that they have got those cool wands you ought to purchase at walmart whilst its like a wandish thingy and that they have got this piece of foilish element and the rod makes the foil fly interior the air. and you ought to purchase this ball of static the place like the middle has a ball of static and it quite is in one among those fortune telling looking crystals after which you would be able to deliver that (in spite of the undeniable fact that it must be plugged in) and tutor it to the infants. as quickly as they touch the static is hooked as much as their hand! those 3 innovations are so you might elect i'm hoping i helped! ;)

  • 1 decade ago

    "Does magnetism affect plant growth?", its a cool one, you can google on how to magnetize water. Very cool experiment

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