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What should happen to America over the framing of Julian Assange?

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    Nothing, Assange is an American citizen breaking American laws in America in the name of America....wait a minute; no he isn't.

    I say that Australia should be able to try Bush for the crimes he tried to cover up and Assange exposed.

    America merely believes they have the right to police the world because they're often too dumb to spell UN.

    When I see Bush tried in the Hague for war crimes, then I'll believe they have the right to arrest people wh ain't even American.

    The US seems to only believe in freedom of speech so long as it shows them to be saviours of he world and not a bunch of ignorant criminals, (politically speaking mind; the average American tizen has been lied to as much as the rest of us and aren't to blame).

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    Scott Bull you are just amazing...

    Seriously America should shut their bloody cobbbbb and something useful instead of going behind SIR JULIAN ASSANGE.

    America should make sure they don't do the same mistake of betraying other countries.

    America should be thrown out of UN. UN should move to India or China. The new World Order.

    Long Live Freedom of Press. Long Live Sir Julian Assange.

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    I doubt my country bothered framing him on such a lame *** charge as rape. I think we can do better than that if we wanted to cause him some grief. I just think we'd rather watch some other country deal with him & his band of "Merry Men, Women & Children"! I sure hope he likes the taste of Bangers & Mash while he's being held in the UK prison system!☺

    What should happen to America? We should get an award for holding back on him. But first you have to PROVE the US actually framed him & that won't be easy without a video of the actual event.

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    I can tell you what will happen. Wikileaks will still release information on a daily basis and there will be nothing anybody can do to stop it. Thousands of us have downloaded an insurance file from Wikileaks containing over 1 Gigabyte of data. All it would take is one password to decrypt it.

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    What framing? You mean the rape charges? Maybe he's guilty. I saw an interview with some people who used to work with him at Wikileaks. They all said he was a pretty big A hole on a big power trip.

    Nothing should happen to America.

    Max Raj: I would love for the US to stop supporting the UN. We give more money to the UN than any other country. If we stopped it would save us a lot of money. They UN should move out of the US. We could convert that building into a big homeless shelter.

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    It is so sad, and show just how weak and pathetic our national leadership is.

    What ever happened to the good old days when we would just assassinate turd like this?

    I mean isn't that what the CIA was created for? To inflict death, pain and suffering on those who oppose us, so we can live out the american dream?

    If we ain't gonna put a bullet in this guys head, I want a tax refund, (for my share of the money going to the CIA)I mean what has a guy gotta do to get shot anymore?

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    It always amazes me how they need a scapegoat instead of revealing a flawed system. I'm not saying what he did was right, but he was just the messenger.

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    America formerly charged him and held him? I though UK stood for United Kingdom who held him in prison and Sweden who actually charged him with a sex crime.

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    They should be locked in room with the women of Afghanista nwhich they orddered bombed to liberate them. then they should be supplied copies of articles 26,27,29 of the united nations charter of human rights and told to make a computer program out of it to enhance liberties by it. Same for bill of rights constitution of u.s.a.

    they should also be made to remove every copy right from every dvd and to usher in a new era in which the publisher and author is named the u.s.a. not just a single author.

    Same should happen eslewhere except for locked room scenario

    Source(s): bombings of afghanistan200-2005 plus national geog 2010 december issue and own ideas. 27,26,29 united nations charter human rights and rest of it.
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    He isn't being framed

    He usually boasts about his antics...unless they are sex crimes in Sweden

    He is posting sensitive documents

    No frame required

    Source(s): He is making some very inadequate people feel important ..they call themselves cyber warriors.....they are being duped by this manninto believing he is doing it for the greater good.......yeah right And why do all the sleaze bags make a bee line for London?
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