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Questions about NATO?

a) why it was formed, b) what was its original purpose, and c) what does it see as its purpose today?

any help means a lot

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    NATO was formed in 1949, after the Soviet bloc formed the Berlin Airlift, this was one of the first Incursions from the Soviets and marked the start of the Cold War. The Soviets were angry that the Western Powers (USA, UK and France) had joined their sections of Berlin together giving Western Germany de facto control.

    The system was designed, in the words of Lord Ismay, who was the First Secretary of NATO to "to keep the Russians out, the Americans in, and the Germans down"

    Simply put, If one NATO country was attacked all the others would defend that member country against the agressor. This would mean that if the Soviets attacked Greece, for Example, the UK would be obliged to help. Either independently or under the NATO flag.

    The Counter Force was set up by the Soviet Union in 1955, it was called the Warsaw Pact and had a similar system across Soviet influenced countries, this was bought into force, for example, during the Prague Spring of 1968.

    After the Break up of the Soviet Union, its position was uncertain, as there was less threat than during the Cold War, it was involved in the Balkans, proactivly - this marked a departure from its traditional defensive role. The Challenge for NATO is the Middle East. Ukraine wanted NATO membership during the pevious administrationm, this was condemned by Russia as they didnt want a hostile force close to its borders.

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    Great page for all your questions.

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