Ramadan: Are the Dawoodi Bohra Jama'at considered as Muslims or not?

Yes or no??

And why??

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    yes, please read below for detail:

    Dawoodi Bohra ( Arabic/Urdu: داؤدی بوہرہ, Hindi: दवूदि बोह्रा) are the largest branch of the Bohra, a Mustaʿlī subsect of Ismāʿīlī Shīʿa Islām. While the Dawoodi Bohra are based in India, their belief system originates in Yemen, where it evolved from the Fatimid Caliphate. In 1592, the Tayiyibbi Mustaali denomination divided because of a leadership dispute, and the two divisions became the Sulaymanī and Dawoodi Bohra. The word Bohra itself comes from the Gujarati word vehwahar, which means "trading."


    Assalaamu 'Alaykum

    there are some convictions regarding Ismailis .. These beliefs, judged by any sane human, will be termed as "Kuffriyah" and obviously hold them as unbeliever.

    The Ismailis "spiritual" (notice the irony!) leader is Aga Khan .. has commanded the following to the Ismailis :-

    1) Heaven and Hell to give is in my hand (here he is proclaiming himself 'ALLAH' Na'auzbillah, and whoever belives this is a Kaafir, and so most Ismailis are. I said most because some do not agree to this"

    2) Facing Qiblah is not the fundamental principle of Islam. (We know whoever holds this Aqeedah is a Kaafir)

    3) I will send you the original Qur'an. (He stated this because he belives that Hazrat Usman ibn 'Affaan Raziallahu Ta'alah 'Anhu tampered with The Qur'an . Na'auzbillah. And this belief is Kufr as it is Kufr to deny that any Harf of Qur'an Shareef has been tampered with.)

    4) The Ismaili Tariqah being a Unique Tariqah, has two Shahadahs, like two sets of teeth of an elephant. A Shahadah that is visible like a protruding tusk is published in the book of Ismaili Constitution. The second Shahadah that is hidden like a set of chewing teeth is published in the book of Ismaili Dua. The 'Shahadah' (Confession of Faith) of the Constitution is the one that any Muslim would recite and confess. The 'Shahadah' of the Dua (ritual prayer) has an extra phrase annexed to it. This annexed phrase negates the "Unity of God" by confessing: "The Ali, the God." Below are the photographic reproductions of the Ismaili 'Kalimah Shahadah' with its transliteration and translations from the book of Ismaili Dua, published by The Shia Imami Ismailia Association for Africa, Kenya, 1963.(Here appears in the book, the Arabic text)

    La ilaha illallaha, Mohammedur-Rasoolullahi, Aliyyun Amirul-mu'mineen Aliyyullah:

    There is no deity except Allah, Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah, Aly, the master of the believers, is from Allah. (Here appears in the book, the Gujrati text)

    The phrase that negates the "Tawheed" (Unity of Allah) is "Aliyyullah". It appears at the end of the Shahadah. This phrase is a combination of two words. "Aliyyun" and "Allah". When the two are joined together, they read "Aliyyullah". The word "Aliyyun" means "The Ali" and "Allah" means "The God". Hence, the phrase "Aliyyullah" means "The Ali, the God", which also signifies

    "The Aga Khan, The God".

    As an example, if I was to write "The Abualy, The Missionary", it would mean "That particular Abualy (is) the Missionary". To contend and say that I have meant "That particular Abualy is from the missionary" is totally incorrect and nonfactual. Hence, the English translation, which reads "Aly...is from Allah" is a baseless smoke screen. The Arabic word for "from" is "min", and it does not appear in the Arabic text. Therefore, it is not incorrect to say that the Ismaili Kalimah Shahadah negates the "Unity of Allah".

    These are the Dirty Statements of Kufr made by Aga Kkan and since Ismaili shias believe Aga Khan as their spiritual leader, thus this makes all Ismailis, Kaafir..

    you shall find much more in these links


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    Please can we have a precise definition of a Muslim, too. Any reference/support?

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