The period in which we live can be considered 'The Return of the Dark Ages "?

It's easy to be equal to all

they all became one

The union is ignorance

And takes us to the Dark Ages

Where love is limited

where love is felt not only used

Use your mind and your soul with love

We should not be 100% rational

but we must think to love, because

no love Irrational

Equality in Love

author unknown, entitled "S"

The World becames a "Ignorance World"

What will be the future?

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  • Kieth
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    9 years ago
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    It seems to me we have been reasoning away the heart. Man, so facinated with this thinking prowess forsakes his "God" or nature. It seems we are abusing this wonderful tool to the point of delusion where we forget where we came from and who we are. We think we are above it all. We think we have conquered. I read somewhere that with the advent of the reasoning capability as a progression of our animal past man tended to use the mind as a weapon in place of brute force. Almost as saying the only difference is that the animal has a much more powerful weapon with which to force his way over others and nature. We seem to have forgotten the power of Love which is much greater somehow. It is this power that brought us forth and without it we would not be but man had found a new facination. The power of the mind to create is such a wonderful gift but if the heart does not provide the right intent it can only turn in on itself for it has no true direction. All becomes illusion and man get's lost in the illusion and false power of his own mind. He becomes trapped and delusional and no longer sees the truth of Love for he has severed himself from it. I think this is what the garden of eden story is really about. Turning away from Love is turning away from "God" and so we are expelled from the garden. How could it be any other way. The mind knows nothing of this Love. It is really a facinating immensely powerful computer but Love is a heart center aspect. There can only ever be reflections of the Love in the mind. So man tries to recreate what he has lost and we see this in the idea of utopia. Utopia cannot be without Love and will fall like many a great empire. Until we return to Love we remain lost. We remain expelled. We search within the mind but it is not there. We satisfy ourselves with pale reflections of the magnificence of Love and become blinded to a reality where the Love that is isn't. The irony of it all is that it wasn't "God" who expelled us it was us. Without the light of Love there is spiritual darkness and ignorance. Until we return to Love we experience the darkness. The reality is Love and we can simply choose it. Until we do we remain in the illusion of the mind and the darkness of the ages.

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  • yerkes
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    3 years ago

    One might easily wish no longer, yet non secular fundamentalism seems to be starting to be in many things of the worldwide, and there seems to be a different connection between non secular fundamentalism and denial of technological awareness. Their tries to propagate mythology on the fee of scientific coaching are rather frightening. I gave a communication to a meteorology type at a Christian fundamentalist college and that i replaced into astounded that they communicate with regard to the "large flood" of their meteorology type or perhaps too their physics type on a container holiday to a creation museum. If I have been an corporation i might provide a damaging fee to a point from considered one of those college--it would be greater effective to have skipped college fullyyt, rather than to have discovered nonsense under the guise of practise.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Apparently, people are prone to turn around quickly... some looked at intellectual work with the greatest of interests without a good reason; others denied its value without reason. The men is the only animal capable of reasoning, but it seems the only constant in the history of mankind is the lack of reasoning.

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