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Do you have good memories of boot camp?

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    Hello Chuck,

    Nope. I have almost no memories of boot camp. During my time, Air Force boot camp was 5 weeks at Lackland AFB and then the remainder of 3 weeks at our technical school base (mine being Keesler AFB, MS).

    There is only a few incidents that I still remember after 49 years.

    #1. I remember one "chow incident" where I was singled out and ridiculed for making the mistake of looking around while in the chow line.

    #2. The other incident was when I was a dorm guard on the second floor looking out the window around the compound on the midnight shift and we observed somebody take a girl into the supply building next to our barracks for "you know what."

    #3. I do remember the old wooden WWII barracks only because we have seen them in many movies of that time to remember how they were set up.

    #4. I do remember when it was time to visit the job assigning NCO he told me that I was going to get my second choice of the 5 jobs I asked for: Ground Radar Maintenance because my first choice (Missile Guidance and Control Systems) was all backlogged for technical school. I was at his desk for all of about 8 minutes to learn of my new AF job.

    I do not remember daily marching, or the haircut, or BX, or classes, or personal hygiene, or cleaning the barracks, or making beds, or getting our uniforms issued, or eating 3 meals a day, or the obstacle course, or the firing range.

    In fact you can say that I remember really "nothing" about being in basic training after 49 years. And, to tell the truth probably after my 2nd year in the Air Force I found nothing memorable about basic training that was important to remember.

    Your goal is to get there and get out of there as quickly as possible.

    Keep your mouth shut and do what they tell you without questioning.

    Don't call attention to yourself or try to be the barracks "clown."

    Or you will be like Private Leonard (Gomer Pyle) Lawrence from "Full Metal Jacket."

    Best wishes,

    Larry Smith

    Senior Master Sergeant, USAF (Ret.)

    First Sergeant

    Source(s): Previous military experience of 27 years: 1961 - 1989.
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    I was in Navy boot camp in Orlando FL back in the early 1970s. That location also contained the women's boot camp. During the one week mess hall duty I got a chance to meet several waves. It was during this time I learned that young women, when removed from the opportunity of male companionship for an extended period, become just as sexually aggressive, if not more, than men. Without going into detail, while I was not a virgin going into boot camp, I might as well have been given what I learned was physically possible that I never knew before.

    I acquired a whole new understanding of the phrase, "Join The Navy, Ride the Waves!"

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    Fort Sill, OK., 1978.

    I remember a few nights on what was called fire guard duty, in the old wooden barracks which may have been up before Oklahoma was even a state.

    I recall the road marches which always seemed to go longer than we were led to believe.

    We had a few bivouacs here and there, the usual amount of rifle range time, a lot of push-ups (but not nearly as much PT as I'd expected, due to an insane hot summer).

    There was one fellow in my platoon who went AWOL. He got caught at the airport in Dallas trying to scam a military discount on a ticket to Mexico City. It turned out that he had enlisted under an assumed name.

    There was another guy who got a "Dear John" letter from his girlfriend back home. He got all depressed about it, and went to the shrink. He came back and said, "You know what that shrink told me? If you're thinking of killing yourself, do it right the first time or you'll get court-martialed for destroying government property!"

    Between basic and AIT, those were the only times I felt like I was really doing anything when I was in. I guess that's the downside of peacetime service.

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    CNN had a clip of Army boot camp on this morning. What a joke! They treat them like little babies compared tp the Marine Corps. They are going to have the entire show on Sat. & Sun. nights. I can't wait, it's gotta be hilarious for anyone who was a Marine! I hope everyone on here watches it, that will stop all the arguments about boot camp.

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    Its been 21yrs and i still have vivid memories of my boot camp days. One of them was while we were being smoked in the sand pit and one of the Recruits broke his hip. The Paramedics came picked him up and i remember the DIs saying "Whos Next?" Who wants to be the next to leave. Then i remember being punched in the face, a rack being turned over on me. My DI screaming at me in the Chow Hall and saliva coming out of his mouth on my food. (Needless to say, i didnt eat that meal). The Rifle Range when i was put in "the chair" with 5 M-16 on my arms. The day the DI was trying to get me to laugh so he could smoke me. It worked lol. I was 17 so i thought Boot Camp was funny to me. Yes i got smoked on a regular basis. The list goes on, but if it was good memories, you carry them to your grave. Well im now retired. Im thankful for all of my Military memories.

    Source(s): Retired 21yrs (Marines & Army)
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    It is human nature to forget the bad things as time goes by. There were many things that were fun in boot camp, hand-to-hand combat, pugil stick fighting, the confidence course, force marches, the rifle range, and other things.

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    It's like being in high school you hate every min of it but look back kindly on it years later

    You make close friends The incident that i always remember was one of our pals wanted a minor operation done in a hospital in Bangkok we hired a hooker and got hold of a nuns habit and paid her to come on too him For weeks when he would try and talk of it we would all say ''sure she did'' Than we gave him a framed picture of us standing with her and all holding a beer Boys becoming man

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    I guess I have good recall, I went in 1986 and I still remember my Drill SGT treating me far better then my abusive Dad!!!

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    Um - no. All I can say is, it taught me that the military is run by demented freaks who delight in tormenting underlings. Of course, when I became a D.I. it was a different story - I tormented my underlings for their own good, lol...

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    Yeah..graduation day

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