can i send a pic with my iphone 4 to another iphone4 via its bluetooth?

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    1 decade ago
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    You cannot directly do so, however there is a free app called Bluetooth Photo Share that will allow you to do so from any iPhone

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  • smyre
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    4 years ago

    becoz.......... No MMS. it extremely is certainly loopy, even an old Nokia kind helps MMS - yet not for the iPhone that asserts to be a progressive telephone. the only thank you to deliver photos is via utilising e mail, so no photos on your human beings who doesn’t use emails. There’s no thank you to decrease, replica, or paste text fabric! Even my Sony Ericsson k800i can try this. it extremely is purely a telephone that concentration on its digital camera, yet iPhone is extra into sensible telephones. think of back. song can’t be used as a ringtone — whether it’s purely a uncooked MP3. No further ringtones would be offered at launch. surely speaking, we are in a position to apply mp3 archives as ringtones on very almost all telephones. yet not for the newly released iPhone? Crap. The cellular version of OS X or maybe if it extremely is the iPhone runs takes up 700MB of the gadget’s ability. It capacity once you get a 4GB, there is certainly purely 3GB and once you get a 8GB, there is only 7GB. sturdy adequate for me however. No video recording, not even a low high quality one. you may purely take photos with the two megapixel digital camera, yet not video recording. No ask your self they are in a position to’t make it a 3G telephone, they don’t even help video recording for the ordinary digital camera. Apple sez between 3 hundred-4 hundred rates the iPhone will lose battery ability — you’ll deliver it in and get the cellular replaced for a cost. Oh properly, speechless this time.

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