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WWX Xtreme Episode 8- Sage?

Welcome to the newest edition of Xtreme live from Boston! As always i am good ol' Jr alongside my broadcast partner Mike Tenay. Edge: I am the owner of this company! i defeated... The Great Khali: vdvdkwfw. Edge: What? You want a three on one handicap match where if you pin me you control the company pfftt! ha! ok you got it pal meet your opponents Kevin Nash and Rhyno!

Match 1: Bobby Lashley, Kevin Nash, and Edge V. The Great Khali

Match 2: Shawn Michaels V. Shelton Benjamin (Ladder Match)

Masked Man #1: You know it has come to my attention that people dont take us seriously, but you will very shortly, because we are the elite of this company and we will prove it each and every week. JR: i have not seen anything from.... Tenay: JR once again you speak to soon we take you now to the back. *in the back* Doctor: hes out cold. Edge: Will he be able to compete in the battle royal tonight? Doc: No, definitely not. Edge: damn. you get out there your in the #1 contender battle royal now go!

Match 3: (#1 contender battle royal) Batista V. Heidenreich V. Tommy Dreamer V. Stone Cold Steve Austin

Kevin Nash: like i said last week i will defend this belt every week and my next opponent Sharkboy!

Match 4: Kevin Nash V. Sharkboy (Hardcore Match for the Hardcore Championship)

Edge: Well just like Big Show last week i too would like to go out with a bang if this is my only night as GM i am making a World tag team title match!

Match 5: Rhyno and Sabu (c) V. Mark Jindrak and Christian (Elimination Normal Tag World Tag team titles)

Main Event: Triple H, Cody Rhodes, and Matt Hardy V. Stevie Richards, Jeff Jarrett, and Kevin Thorn

JR: Wait a minute here comes The Council and they are beating down everyone in this match. Masked Man: You may not take us seriously yet, but we are going to keep beating down everyone until we are taken seriously and guess what a certain showstopper is the next target! Tenay: oh great like we dont know who that is. JR: well folks we hope you enjoyed the show, thanks for watching, and good night!

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thanks for the advice will do man

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    Bobby Lashley, Kevin Nash, & Edge

    Shawn Michaels

    Stone Cold

    Kevin Nash

    Rhhyno & Sabu

    Triple H, Cody Rhodes, & Matt Hardy

    Decent Matches, but I think you should separate each Match/Promo so more people can understand what your writing. Its a good show no doubt about that, but needs to be Spaced Out some more.

    Rating: 7.3/10

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    Rhyno, Kevin Nash, and Edge after Nash hits the Jacknife. He tagged Edge who got the pin.

    Shawn Michaels after The Teardrop Suplex from the top of the ladder

    Stone Cold after he throws the other three over

    Kevin Nash after the Jacknife Powerbomb through a Table

    Rhyno and Sabu after Rhyno hits the Gore on Christian, Sabu hits the Frogsplash 1 2 3. Sabu hits a Tornado DDT on Jindrak and pins 1 2 3.

    Triple H, Cody Rhodes, and Matt Hardy after Hardy ducked the Stevie Kick and hit the Twist of Fate


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    LOL i only read one line

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