Wikileaks... I need an intelligent explanation of this whole thing.?

I was away for a few moths, and now this is going on. Can someone with an educational background please explain what is happening. Also, what damage could be done? Thank you.

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    10 years ago
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    wikileaks background info


    check the bbc for the current news on the issues.

    google or search twitter for : anonymous , payback, anonop, leakspin

    It's a revolution of sorts. The establishment is trying to pretend that they care about the secrecy of the info, but not the fact that they look like liars and frauds. They've pressured some web hosts, credit card companies, and paypal to drop wikileaks as a customer.

    The activists and free speach/open internet folks are fighting back with protests and online activities.

    There is no real damage done, except that it's harder to ignore the lying done by various governments and corporations. America features prominently in the recent leaks, but a lot of countries come off looking real bad.

  • 10 years ago

    Basically, this guy name Julian Assange started a web business that allows people who want to leak classified info to do so anonymously through his site. Normal media outlets apply some editorial control on leaked information. They only leak stuff that indicates wrongdoing because they recognize that there is a legitimate need and public benefit to some secrets. Wikileaks does not do this.

    The danger is that this guy has gotten several dumps of classified info, and private state department info that can provide terrorists with sources and methods type info to help them compete better in war, and embarasses US diplomats and foreign officials who are sometimes speaking in private.

    In addition to being embarassing this could impede the ability to speak frankly with these leaders. In one case for example, the US was being offered a chance to kill some bad guys in a foreign country PROVIDED that the local govt could take credit so they wouldn't look weak. How likely do you think we are to get an offer like that ever again?

    Wikileaks is not journalism. It is aiding and abetting treason, and is arguably engaging in espionage.

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    4 years ago

    So somebody in the government sells suggestions to those that would launch it to the conventional public, which shows our government committing conspiracy to start extra wars, sell terrorism, and then the oligarchs some how redirect all the anger from the government to Wikileaks. Hmmmm. that's marvelous. government funds terrorism, government is working with Saudi Arabia and would start up yet another conflict with Iran. the american all and sundry is getting performed with the help of the government and the oligarchs yet Wikileaks is now the enemy.

  • 10 years ago

    Julian Assange person who created wikileaks is a site mainly used to release secret government information to public once uploaded anyone any see, read ,or load the information

    site is mainly maintained by hackers who uploads information once they found it

    ...........wikileaks now a days is problems for countries like US,, UK becoz information released is damaging thr image and relationships,

    wikileaks is in new now becoz UK govt jailed this Julian Assange on some criminal charges

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    10 years ago

    The american media fear free speech

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