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Please help me! I always fail with the guys I like :'(?

I need your help. I am eighteen. I've never had a boyfriend. I've never even been as close as cuddling with a guy. I have done virtually nothing. But I know that is alright, but I just wouldn't mind trying to start living a bit and coming out of my shell. I've had two crushes in my past. Both I haven't really been able to get over, but I am trying my best to move forward. Now I literally need help with everything, but I am just gonna make this short 'cause no one has time for this lol. But I kinda like this new guy now, but I don't really know him. I've spoken to him twice. He is a co-worker of mine by the way. And I never get to talk to him. He works in a different department than me, and he doesn't work that often. My workplace had a social on the weekend, and I promised myself that if I saw him there, I would ask him for a dance..... But, all I did was watch him mingle with others all night. I couldn't bring myself to go over to where he was. I was so afraid of being rejected, and I was afraid of having him say no in front of the people he was talking to, 'cause he was never really alone. I'm not very confident in myself, and so I always assume that there is no way that the guy would ever give me a chance. I just don't know what to do. Is it best to be more pushy and take the lead? Or will I come across as weird because I don't really know him? How do I do this?! Please give me all the advice you got. I really need it :(

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    You have insecurity issues and therefore will not take a chance. So what is he had said no ,would the world end?; no it wouldn't. If you don't ask you will never know and consequently will die wondering what might have been. If you never take a chance then you never fail ;but you won't live either. Imagine if he said yes to the dance. how your emotions would swirl and twirl and bind you into a fumbling mess of jelly . ok, lets be real ; a few simple step will help you overcome shyness . Start by smelling a rose and enjoying the Splendor of its fragrance. Now imagine if the rose knew that by emitting the fragrance it would attract bees that would trample the delicate stamen to get access to the nectar. ok lets move on. Compliment your dad on his clothes one day. Gee dad you got a hot date or something; you look spiff today. Another time compliment him on his aftershave. Think of a nice compliment to pay your brother and tell him. then expand your horizons ; go to the store and compliment the store attendant on his eyes , or the manager on his kindness. Strike up a conversation with the shop assistant and think of little compliments you can pay him. " gee you have a great smile". Man your lips are so hot ". simple comments like these are called " ice breakers'; and are used to stimulate conversation. once you feel okay in the present context then expand your horizon again; go up the the crush and pay him a compliment. Smile and walk away and leave him to contemplate your words. By doing thus you hide you blushing face and also give him time to think. Next time approach him and compliment his smile or his clothes/ suit . It won't take him long to get the picture. good luck.

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    I would start talking to him and see what happens! He might be thinking the same thing; wondering if you are interested in him or not. I'm sure your beautiful and you're a great girl with an amazing personality, so start talking to him! He'll be nice and don't worry about being rejected!! Think about what will happen when he asks you on a date.

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    well i should say u should just march over there and declare your love

    even though you maybe shy but it's rather u doing it than someone else right :)

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    Just be yourself. It doesn't matter if it's good enough for someone else.

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