Another surveyy!! im relly bored!! plzz answer!! for anybody?


What's the funniest thing you done to

your boyfriend/girlfried?


What's the funniest thing

your bf/gf has said?


Have you ever woken up

with someone ouT didn't know

after a ling night a shaking your thing lol


what do you feel

when you kiss someone?


Have you ever kissed

someone you didn't know?


What's te funnies way you go

a girl/boys attention ?


What's one thing you really wanna do

before you die?


Mainstream hiphop

or underground Hip-Hop?


What was an embarasing thing

that happend to you?


What's te funniest thing you've done??


Have you ever been or asked

someone out in a "speacil" way ???????

2 Answers

  • 9 years ago
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    Dang, r u really that bored?

  • 4 years ago

    1. Yes but got told no way in hell 2. Not really. Only by my bf 3. no 4. Of course. Wouldn't want to walk into cold water? 5. Ate food? 6. No but... Can I? 7. No that's just wrong 8. I am right now 9. Permanent relationship with my bf. I hate sports 10. Marching 11. None 12. No 13. Probably 14. Yes 15. Yes. Haunted my evanescence 16. Neither 17. Packing 18. My bf 19. Yes 20. No 21. Crave 22. I wish 23. Listening to music and answering 24. Personal choice I guess 25. Music land 26. Creed with arms wide open 27. Coffee 28. No it's just stupid 29. No to many people around 30. No 31. No 32. Yes 33. Yes 34. No 35. My dog farting on my mom and her half swear half get down 36. Yes 37. Rapists

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