A few questions about jailbreaking my ipod touch 2nd gen. 10 points if you answer all.?

First off for jailbreaking is it best to update the software to 4.2 first or stay at 4.1?

What all can jailbreaking it do? The main reason I want it is for multitasking so I can let pandora run in the background while I play games but I want to know what else will be different.

What will jailbreaking it do that isn't good? I already know it voids my warranty but what else?

I've heard I can make it so I access my home internet network even when I'm not home. Is that true?

Link me to a good site about jailbreaking please. I prefer one that's very recent and includes exactly how to do it. My boyfriend is super smart with technology and he's doing it for me when he gets home from work tonight so I don't really need exact directions but I want to know what it's going to do to my ipod.


Also I heard it makes every app in the app store able to be downloaded without charging me. That's stealing and I prefer not to have that feature enabled. Is there a way to make it still charge me if I buy an app?

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    Stay at 4.1

    Jailbreaking can let u customize EVERYTHING about your iPod (icons, wallpaper etc)

    U get free games, free songs , free movies, free books, basically everything is free. Your basically stealing and pirating. Jailbreaking is illegal, it crashes ur iPod every 5 minutes, it makes it very slow and the most important IT VOIDS YOUR WARRANTY!

    Your iPod already acceses the Internet while. Ur not there

    Go to jailbreakme.com on ur iPods safari browser

    Source(s): I have a iPod touch 2g which I jailbroke last week but unjailbroke because it is very stupid. listen to me my iPod touch breaks after 2 to 3 years, mine broke at 2 and a half. Do not jailbreak cuz it voids your warranty and you'll be fu**** Listen 2 my advice and don't jailbreak P.s. U cannot turn off the stealing feature because it is the main point of jailbreaking and u can only multitask if u have a 3rd gen!!!
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    Pros: free software, apps, etc

    Cons: Apple will prevent your device from using the apple store until you reverse the jailbreak

  • 4 years ago

    you will in case you get a microphone for it, seeing simply by fact the iTouch would not contain one, in simple terms the iPhone does. So in case you employ a microphone, then particular you ought to use those useful aspects. :)

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