Why won't Adblock Plus work?

For the Mozilla Firefox. I have version 3.6 of Firefox and the Adblock is up to date. Any ideas?

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  • 9 years ago
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    update to the latest version of Firefox , that is 3.6.13

    and then click on the option of -- update the Add ons in the tools section .

    the FF will check for updates to all of the extensions installed , including ABP.

    restart FF , and then click on the ABP logo in the FF window and click on its preferences .

    click on subscribe ,

    and then click on the lists to which you want to subscribe to .

    restart FF.

    check now ..

    it should be working ...

    else try , turning ABP off and again on and again restarting FF .

    it should for sure work now ..

    if nothing then , uninstall it and re install the ABP extension ...

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    After installing Adblock Plus you have to Close your Mozilla Firefox and open it again. That should make it work..

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