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Using a fictitious social security number in work of fiction?

I know that telephone numbers are often given the "555" area code. Is there any standard way of including a fictitious social security number in a work of fiction? My novel involves a scene where the antagonist finds USMC dog tags, which include SSN, and I wanted to include all the information normally found on dog tags.

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    Yay for Professor Wikipedia! From -

    "Numbers from 987-65-4320 to 987-65-4329 are reserved for use in advertisements."

    I guess that covers fiction too. But do you actually need to show the SSN? What use does it have? Putting it in suggests that it's important, and you expect the reader to remember it. Even if it is important, you could just refer to, say, "Captain Smith's SSN", without saying what the digits are.

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    Social Security Disability Information :

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