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Is rear wheel drive really that bad?

We just bought a 2007 Cadillac CTS. It's rear wheel drive. I'm used to driving front wheel drive. When I test drove the Cadillac, I felt no difference. (It was the first day of snow here, and the car only had all-season tires on.)

My husband is a little worried with me driving rear wheel. I told him it was no big deal, however I know nothing about cars.

What should I look for? Is it really that big of a deal?

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    In general, rear wheel drive is not as good in the snow as front wheel drive. On dry pavement or wet roads there is no difference.

    Both have their advantages and disadvantages. A rear wheel drive can fish tail when the rear tires lose traction. A front wheel drive can push forward when you turn the steering wheel then the drive wheels lose traction.

    What you could do to make things better is to replace the rear tires with mud and snow tires on the back of the car in the winter. In the spring put the standard all season tires back on. It would be a little more expensive but you could buy a extra pair of rims. This would make the tire swap easier in the spring and fall. You could get some junkyard rims for this to save a little money. See the link below

    I also live in a northern climate and have owned both front wheel drive and rear wheel drive cars over the years.

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    Easier to get sideways or out of control esp in the wet. Instead of the engine pulling the car in a front wheel drive the car is pushed by the engine in a rear wheel drive. I prefer rear wheel. Just take your time getting used to it.

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    If rear wheel tension is so undesirable, how did we are residing to tell the tale? no one had FWD until Olds made the Toronado, and not very lots of them have been on the line, yet we nonetheless made it everywhere we'd have enjoyed to pass. Why are maximum taxis and police vehicles RWD? Why is Pontiac going back to RWD? Why is Chrysler making extra RWD? Why is Mustang nonetheless RWD. What approximately Mercedes, and maximum Volvos? in fact FWD is not extra secure that RWD interior the wintry climate, it incredibly is all approximately having the staggering wintry climate tires and understanding a thank you to tension. that's no longer to declare some vehicles are not better balanced for wintry climate using than others. the proper wintry climate using vehicle I even have ever owned became a 1976 Mercury Bobcat wagon, RWD. a radical 2d is a 1995 Escort, FWD. I even have additionally pushed finished length RWD vehicles in wintry climate without difficulty. i could advise the Miata won't be the proper wintry climate vehicle except you intend on putting a good set of wintry climate tires, like Michelin X-Ice, or something like that. no longer while you evaluate it incredibly is a rear wheel tension vehicle, yet while you evaluate it incredibly is a small low vehicle, geared up for open street handling. you could't make a blanket fact that FWD is better or extra secure in wintry climate, and in case you think that, you haven't any longer discovered to tension in wintry climate. FWD gets you going a splash better up a slippery slope you have stopped on, it incredibly is the only genuine benefit, taking an identical undemanding vehicle, with an identical tires, and an identical driver potential set. I even have pushed properly over a million and a a million/2 miles over 40 two years, residing in Edmonton, Saskatoon, and Winnipeg, i comprehend wintry climate using. I even have by no potential had an twist of destiny on ice, or in snow in all that element.

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