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Low carb diet in college tips?

I hate the cafeteria/dining hall options, how can I do an inexpensive low carb diet in college. I don't eat beans or other legumes and I hate canned food (it taste like slimy sawdust seasoned with metal)

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    You need to be really inventive. This is what I did in campus and I lost 23 pounds within 2 weeks.

    1. Eat burgers but throw away buns

    2. Order meat-lovers pizza but eat only toppings and throw away the crust

    3. Eat peanuts in shells. You can buy a big bag and keep it nearby if you get hungry

    4. Chicken or any poultry is OK.

    5. Any kind of cheese is OK.

    6. Switch to half-n-half instead of milk. Milk contains excessive carbs.

    7. You can drink diet coke but it causes blood imbalance. Drink water but squeeze lemon in it for taste.

    8. If you want something sweet, use Splenda instead of sugar.

    I am absolutely positive that if you manage to stay off carbs for at least 2 weeks you will lose about 20 pounds in this short time.

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    it ashame that you don't eat legumes. They are so good for you! And i hear ya about the canned food crap. You're right, they do tast like metal. ALways wondered what that was....but anyways. U can always eat fruits, veggies, cheese, nuts. yogurt. I don't know what kind of diet or whatever your on , or if you have some sort of meal plan thing, but there is always universal items like those at any college campus. I'm in college, and they've got that stuff where i go. Apples are especially good at filling you up. All that fiber helps make you feel full, just like carbs will, but they dont have that much (only like 15 or so per apple, compared to some other carb-filled option). Stay away from bananas cuz they have more than most fruits. Veggies are awesome, but stay away from corn. It classified as a vegetable and a starch. Cottage cheese is realy good cuz its got tons of protein and its low in fat. Swiss also, but its got more fat. And i don't really care for nuts very much, but almonds are supposed to be really good for you. IDK. Try greek yogurt. That stuff is very low in carbs (depending on flavor and brand) and lots of calcium and protien. You'll have to look around though. But most yogurt offered by the cafeterias are full of sugars, which are just more carbs. But salads are your best friend.

    Source(s): I'm in college. I don't totally rule out carbs, but i try to eat as little of them as i can without cutting them out completely. So i look for similar options as you do.
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    Buy chicken breast in bulk and cook a lot at a time to save yourself time. Cheap (10 dollars for 5 pounds at my local walmart) and very nutritionally sound. But of course, make sure to add in vegetables and healthy fats and carbs. Good luck!

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    Eat lots of steamed veg and stay away from white flour, white rice, and corn. They will all make you fat.

    For protein, try eggs, fresh dairy, and other lo-cal sources.

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    Beef jerky and any variety of nuts (almonds, etc) are great foods to snack on

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