Is there anyone who has experience that has went through Baptist Health Syste or San Antonio College?

I wanted to know anyone that has experience that gone through Baptist Health System, is it worth it? I wondering if it less years but how is it in the tution? Associate or Diploma? My other choice is San Antonio College? What is the requiremts for Nursing? I'm so confused don't know if I should go for LVN or RN!!? Help..thank you.

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    Hi, my name is Lisa Mele and I am the RN admissions advisor here at the Baptist School of Health Professions. We have both a 2 year RN program and we also have a LVN program. Here is some information on our RN program.....

    Thank you for your interest in our Professional Nursing program. Our website has updated information about the Professional Nursing program and the admissions process. The website is

    The pre-req courses are Anatomy and Physiology I and II with labs and Microbiology with lab, and Intro to Psychology. You will also need to take the TEAS V exam and which will test you on your math and reading skills the website to set up the exam and answer any questions is Scores needed to pass are Reading 69, Math 63.3, 45.8 Science, and a 60 in English.

    The day program hours are normally Mon-Friday with lecture from 9 am to 1 pm and clinical from 6:45 am to 1 pm. The evening/weekend program is Mon-Thurs from 6: 30 pm to 9: 30 pm and clinical Sat from 6:45 am to 6:45 pm. The program is two years in length regardless of Day or Evening/Weekend program.

    Start date—January – Deadline October 1st

    Start date—August – Deadline May 1st

    The current cost is $19,740 but is subject to change.

    Our program is an Associates of Applied Science in Nursing.

    If you have any further questions, please contact me at 210-297-9662.

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    Baptist School Of Health Professions

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    being a nonmember might allow for some exceptions with regard to seminary requirements but attending a Mormon university you would benefit from the added knowledge and understanding about our beliefs if you did go to seminary if possible beforehand. I think most of the non mormon students who attend mormon colleges find it a very positive experience. There are great opportunities and a high moral code that is required of all who attend which lends itself to a very unique and different college experience comparatively speaking, So if you know you want that kind of standards and restrictions for yourself too - then BYU might be a great choice for you. I think you would do well to obtain as much knowledge about the church itself before doing so so that you don't feel like a 5th wheel.... and outta the "LOOP" all the time. It would only be a bad idea if you hate mormons or hope college life will be a big party because that won't be your experience there. you should meet with friends who are LDS and a local Bishop for additional details and opinions I think. and of course realize that they will all try to convert you - so just be aware and be ready to be accepting of their intentions, even if you have no intent to become LDS.

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    I have not gone to either school, but perhaps there is a local community college(s) that offers nursing at a relatively affordable price. For LVN/LPN, the county vo-tech school (or community college) is usually A LOT less expensive than those private overpriced for-profit tech schools.

    For general career info: and can search 'licensed practical nurses', 'registered nurses' or such.

    US colleges:

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    Best Regards and good luck with your research on this!


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