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Let's just say that I go to a really high-end high school with a great JROTC program.I'm very active in JROTC and the school community and I do community service. I take part in many extracurricular activities such as cross country and track (all 3 seasons per year), model united nations, student government, JROTC drill team, a club that focuses on community service, and an academics team. I'm very intelligent, but I just so happen to be failing a class by a point solely on homework I missed. I miss homework because I'm always busy after school with all my extracurricular activities that actually has somewhat of an effect on the community. My other grades are either just passing or excellent (90+). I'm very interested in USMA and have been interested since I was 10. Do i still stand a chance against the "smart" kids in my school who are also applying but don't do too many extracurricular activities?

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  • 10 years ago
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    I could be wrong - perhaps with JROTC it's different - as I understand it, you have to get nominated to apply to West Point. My daughter went through this. In the end, she didn't go, but she had more than a solid GPA (3.6, unweighted, with all honors or AP classes). She had a breathtaking essay and an impressive interview in front of a committee hand picked by our Congressman. She's also a nationally ranked athlete, and spent summers doing charity work for YEARS.

    So, Smart does not cut the mustard here. You have to WORK hard, and you have to DEDICATE yourself to your future. Can you do that? Can they?

    What's your WOW factor? What do they look at on your application and say, Hey, Look at this!

    That's what you need. It's more than just good grades and taking tests. It's ... WOW!

    That homework messup is ruining your life. Why are you doing that? Do you REALLY want to go to West Point? Annapolis? USMMC? Will you love being there if you're in? Or will you end up like John McCain at the bottom of the class?

    You did not mention SATs. Don't you take those in ROTC?

    There are many hurdles to get over here. You have some that you can fly over. Others are self imposted, almost like you put them there on purpose. No one wants a one dimensional candidate. Your outside activities are a key part of your applications. It would be a shame to wreck your chances with something as small as ... homework. Good luck.

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    Most colleges like to have well rounded students. They base their acceptance on SAT scores, High School GPA, extra curricular activities, and your application essay (if there is one). You should speak to your teacher about doing extra credit to get your grades up. They should be able to work something out with you.

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