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my dad says i cant move out because there was a lamp against one blind on my window. you can hardly see in. he?

also says im mesy. im in a wheelchair and plan to have a personal assistant i do pick up my clothes ometimes but there are plenty independent messy people so i dont get it. why because of these 2 things cant i be independent


the lamp is never on

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    If you are a legal adult he can't stop you. Places like Community Options, Inc. can provide you with personal assistants up to 24 hrs, help you with finances, voc rehab to help you get a job, etc. If you are old enough to move out, he can't force you to stay. You deserve to gain independence.

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    If you are 18 or over and are being held against your will, you might want to look for disabled hotline numbers in your area. Some are listed online but by state. Look for your state and disabled abuse hotline. If that does not help you then call your local police and ask how to deal with it. Do not use the emergency line but their normal number. They have no right to keep you a prisoner if you can function with a personal assistant.

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    A lamp against the blind is a fire hazard so he is just looking out for safety.

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    Re Your clothes. Get one of those grab / pick- er- uppers at Walgreens. They are fantastic.

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