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Was Manuel Noriega Communist, Socialist, or capitalist?

and why if possible not required

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    1 decade ago
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    I think I would have to lean toward a Socialist, over a Fascist, with a heavy portion of Capitalist to round things out.

    I have YET to see a working form of Communism. Socialism, however, is very popular, as is Fascism. Capitalism is the US's domain, and they did have more than a little impact on Manuel's rise to power in the pre-1980s.

    I recall a term from the invasion's aftermath that called his government a narcokleptocracy, which I still remember having to look up. I'm not even sure it was a word before this era, but then what's new? If you need this for class, toss this at the teacher and see if they know. :)

    He was charged for a number of crimes, but what happened from them, I have no idea. I remember drug running, murder, and others, but... I know he was into drugs, since that was what the CIA taught him, and how he supported other activities, around the world. To be honest, since he was so much like the US government, I would suggest he was just a Capitalist, like any other American politician. His only 'crime' was running afoul of the US government, which ended him up in hot water, like Saddam did.

    Honestly, I'm surprised anyone remembers him today. :)

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    Source(s): not to be confused with Armenian
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    1 decade ago

    He was a drug dealer.

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