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Quick question about G1 Ontario driver license?

Is it true you just have to complete the written test to get your G1?

I thought you actually have to get behind the wheel and be tested by an instructor.

If all you need to get the G1 is to pass the written test, doesn't that mean the students will be able to drive and not have any real experience?

A bit silly.

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    you only need to take a written test to get your G1. But you obviously have to pass to get it. It's not silly because once you have your G1 you cant drive alone. You Have to have someone with their licence (G class) for 4 years in the car with you at all times. You also have to drive with that person for an entire year before you can get your G2 licence. Your not allowed on major highways and i think theres also a curfew you have to drive within. Once you have your G2 you can drive alone but there are still some limits on it.

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    Well, the G1 test is a written test but if you pass G1 you can only drive with a fully licensed driver in the car, not at night and not on major highways. The next test is the driving test, your G2. If you take driving classes(which is very recommended) you can take you G2 test 8 months after your G1. If you do not take classes, you have to wait a year. After your G2, you don't need a fully licensed driver in the car but there are still some restrictions(not as many as G1). Next is the final, G test. If you do not get your G by the time you are 20 yrs. old, you have to start over. I believe the G test is a driving test on a major highway.

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    You're G1 is a learner's permit. You must pass a written test demonstrating your knowledge of signs and the rules of the road in order to get it. Once you have it you may drive with a fully licensed driver in the front seat of your car, so long as they have had their license for at least 4 years. You may not drive on any 400 series highway with a speed posted above 80 km/h and you may not drive between the hours of 12am and 5am.

    You must have your G1 for a year before you are eligible to get your G2, unless you pass a MTO certified driver's education course. After the set waiting period you are eligible to take a road test to get your G2 license.

    With your G2 you may drive by yourself without another drive. You may drive on any road, however there are restrictions on the number of passengers under the age of 19 you are allowed in the car between 12am and 5am.

    You have a total of 5 years to get your G license from the date you receive your G1. If you have not, then you will be required to start again from the G1 stage.

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    They way your G1 works is that you write a written test to get it. Essentially it is a learners permit and you cannot drive without someone who has had their G for over 5 years in the car.

    Your g1 exit test allows you to get your g2, which allows you to drive on the highway and by yourself. You have to have your G1 for at least 8 months (if you do drivers) or 1 year if you wait. Then you take a road test to see if you can drive.

    Then after a year of your g2 you are eligible for your G.

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