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Away volleyball game tips?

I'm in junior high and I need some tips for my away games.

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    Well if you're looking for tips on wat to do during the game just stay focused on ways going on on the court nothing else matters. Just play to ur own capability focus on ur goals and ur job tht u need to do and listen to ur coaches instructions.

    As for before the game ur pretty much set.

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    What type of tips are you thinking of? I know that when I go to any away volleyball games or tournaments, I bring lots of healthy snacks (the best snacks are bars or something similar with lots of protein). I definitely bring my iPod just to help me relax and focus on what I need to do at that game (just to kind of get in my "zone", haha). Something that also helps me is writing down my goals for the game/tournament. It gives me something to work hard to achieve. I hope I've helped you! Good luck!

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    Make sure you bring both snacks and money since they may or may not have snacks for sale there. Make sure you bring your drink with you. Sometimes other schools won't have drink machines you can use. Bring a book or your iPod. Oh and sit with someone who's nice on the way up. Never get in a bad mood before ANY game.

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    I usually bring snacks like granola bars (or protein bars even), homework, and my iPod. It's always good to have stuff to keep you occupied

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