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Williams vs Benson vs Woodhead vs Jones vs Garcon vs Moss vs Jackson vs Anyone else on waivers?

This is for week 15 and here are the players full name and matchup:

1. Mike williams vs Detroit

2.Cedric Benson vs Cleveland

3.Danny Woodhead vs Greenbay

4.Thomas Jones vs St. Louis

5.Pierre Garcon vs Jacsonville

6.Santana Moss vs Dallas

7. Fred Jackson vs Miami

8. By Anyone else i mean anyone that is probaly on waivers that would fit in the W/T/R posistion.

So yeah im in the playoffs and I have the W/T/R slot open. I was wondering what player you think I should play. This will probally need to be a good decision. Because the game will be close. Thank you!

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    mike williams and josh freeman always hook up for at least one touchdown each week, so i would definetly put in mike williams, pierre Garcon had a great game last thursday, but he is not consistent. With the patriots blowing out teams, Woodhead would be a safe bet to put in for some guaranteed points. Good luck in the playoffs!

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    Garcon performed properly final week and has been enjoying extra beneficial the final couple weeks. indy going to throw the ball a ton this week like consistently and is a ought to win so garcon could extra beneficial than sufficient goals this week to offer some thing. 2d determination at the back of him is Jackson..he had hard week final week yet has been working tremendously lots common and has executed extremely properly against first rate def's so he's additionally stable determination for flex. I in many cases could % rb for flex spot however the way indy throws the ball and the ought to win concern i think of garcon has maximum upside this week

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