Tap Solo Song ideas??

so im doing a senior solo this year and i love love tap! but i need help finding a good up to beat tap song. i been looking aroung but nothing caught my eye yet with ears lol. any ideas?? please help

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    9 years ago
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    -Top Hat

    -White Tie and Tails

    - I Won't Dance

    - The Continental

    - Night And Day

    - We Saw the Sea

    - Isn't This A Lovely Day?

    - The Waltz In Swing Time

    - Orchids In The Moonlight

    These are all from Fred Astaire's well-known album, "Music for Tap Dancing" (Hard to get better than Fred Astaire for tap, although was loving Gregory Hines as well!

    And Fred Astaire with Ginger Rogers? Nothin' better!


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    Look up the musical Curtains. There's one song that has a (For a rookie such as I...) quite complicated tap to it. I'm not 100% sure what the song is called, but i do know it's near the beginning. Good luck!

    Source(s): Going to the final practice for tapping in Curtains, which I'm auditioning for.
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    At that degree in Marilyn's profession he invited a member of KMFDM into the band. He integrated EBM and dance, business into this song. That replaced right into a clean direction. it fairly is back to base along with his contemporary album, which sounds merely approximately 'roots', blues or usa in places. That aside - i like to bop myself. listed under are the names of a few artists which i admire. i'm going to provide you somethings that are convey and mark them out. :P Yendri - no longer convey and great to bop to. i'm no longer particular how faucet might flow. Her issues from "Fluch and Segan" (Curses and reward) may be ideal. Mucibara Visions (a million and 2). "trip spot Oblivion" has many incredible dance tracks on it additionally and her new album "bitter" is likewise very dancable. i'm uncertain if it would be ideal for faucet whether. Aesthetic Perfection - somewhat convey. great rythem, it makes me p.c. to bop. God Module - They constantly write dance song. Their older issues may be plenty greater useful, cyclic concept EP is great, the song "Trancend" is my well known. Assemblage 23 - amazing and positivistic. Ayria additionally, selfish. Blutengel - Ballet and opera spring to techniques whilst listening to their recent album. Ladytron - They probably have the favourite dance track interior the international appropriate now (different than for China, yet who knows what they dance to there?). Ace of Hz.

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    it dont mean a thing if it aint got that swing--by duke ellington

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