Body sways/shakes during meditation?

Hello, I recently attended a 7 day sesshin (retreat) meditating, and around the 5th or 6th day, I started to sense this weird energy flowing through my body and it would make me move, like it was pushing my body one way, then the next.

While this was happening I was in a deep mental state of meditation, yet my body was out of control. Still a few days later, my body sways back and forth if I let it, I'm not worried about it people tell me it's normal, I was just wondering if anybody knew the name of it, I'm curious about it and want to research it for the hay of it.


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    9 years ago
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    Often the swaying is tuned to the rhythm of the heart.

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    5 years ago

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    That happens upon entering a trancelike state. It's a little startling at first, but it's your body's reaction to such a state first occurring. Eventually, your body will remain still when this happens.

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    happens to me a lot

    but I think it is less spiritual than people think .. although that depends on how you look at it

    it is our blood flowing

    and we are so still and quiet we can feel it pumping around our body .. which moves and rocks us ever so subtly

    I personally think that itself is pretty awesome .. so dont be too dissapointed

    not everyone can be so still as to be so aware of their own body

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    9 years ago

    Try this meditation technique instead:

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