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Alex asked in Games & RecreationBoard Games · 1 decade ago

If I buy Sid Meier's Civilization: The Board Game would anyone I know play it with me?

I am a pretty avid board gamer. I have several groups of people who I play with but none as serious as me about the hobby. I'd really like to get Sid Meier's Civilization: The Board Game since has it on sale for $33 right now, but I'm not sure if I should get it because I don't know if anyone would actually play it. The problem: it says the game time goes from 120 - 240 minutes. Most of the time the people I play with enjoy whatever game I bring out. But when they see that time estimate, it's usually and instant "no". I have gotten them to play other long games (Starfarers of Catan, Wealth of Nations, Defenders of the Realm, etc.), but they usually don't want to play them again unless I really push for it. So my question is (for people who have played the game), will the Civilization board game compare to these others in playability, or will my more casual gaming group be too turned off by it? Will the casual player be entertained by the game for the entire time or are there dry spells waiting for others to take their turns too much?


Ok, rephrasing the question. I'm not looking for finding new people to play with. What I want to know is whether the people I do play with have enough fun playing this game once I cajole them into playing once, that they will want to play it again? I don't know enough about THIS SPECIFIC game to judge that for myself.

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    This where buying online is inferior to buy the game at your FLGS (friendly local gaming store). At FLGS you could ask the clerk where to find opponents. Many FLGS have bulletin boards for opponents wanted and have information about local conventions. Some FLGS have gaming tables. Not offense against Funagain (the company is owned by a friend of mine) but there is no sense in buying a game cheaply if you have no opponents. Then again, some people don't mind the occasional solitaire game.

    If there is no FLGS then move. If moving is inconvenient then try finding an opponent at

    Add: Then check out the user reviews of the game at Boardgame Geek. Make sure you looking at the latest version of the game and not the Eagle Games version from a few years ago. From what you'ver written about your "friends" I would say that the odds are not working in your favor.

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    Civilization is an excellent social board game. I recommend you check out the review of Civilization on our site in the link below and decide for yourself. The new expansion pack has also been well received because it overcomes the 4 player limit on the base game.

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    I saw that same sale! But every time I add it to my cart and try to checkout, it says my cart is empty. If you have friends/family that likes to play strategy type games, it really is fun.

  • Ratto
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    1 decade ago

    You have answered your own question, and that answer is NO, nobody will play it with you. Fageddaboutit, move on

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