So, what is Vocaloid?

I've heard of it, but I never really knew much about it. It's like a music making computer program, right? What confused me is all the characters, videos, dances, songs and stuff that I have seen on the internet. It made me think Vocaloid was an I know someone who has vocaloid, what exactly is it and how did all this anime-ness form from a computer program?

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    Vocaloid is a voice/singing synthesizer program used to create vocals for music (think Microsoft Sam..only with singing) It's used by professionals and regular fans to create a variety of music without the use of real singers.

    The program offers a variety of voices (girl to boy, young to older) so they create characters to represent each one.(for marketing purposes)

    Songs created usually have stories going along with them, and take the characters into many different settings/situations. So the characters don't have a set background or personality.

    Vocaloid isn't an anime/manga but it does have a manga based off the program (called Hatsune Mix) and games have also been made based off it.

    Also, Black Rock Shooter, a popular Vocaloid song, was created into an anime.

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    It's a computer program that has characters in it. Each character is a different voice that you can use/hear. On Youtube people will make music videos using the characters or animate the characters. It's not actually an anime that you can watch, but there's tons of fan art and music videos.

    I tried to download the actual computer software, but it didn't work for whatever reason...

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    Vocaloid is a Japanese singing computer program that uses anime mascots to sing songs

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    Actually yes, Vocaloid is a computerized singing voice but there are japanese ones and english one, The english ones don't have faces what they like or who they like, Fan's have made faces and such for them while the japanese vocaloids have faces food and people they like.

    Gakupo Kamui

    Rin and len Kagamine

    Miku Hatsune

    Meiko Sakine

    Luka Megurine


    And there are the fan mad eones yet Reals one Utaus I think

    Teto(I don't know their last names)



    And they are comign out with newer ones like Gumi.

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    i like Vocaloid, yet i don't somewhat pay attention to it plenty. a great form of the songs merely are not my cup of tea, yet i like a pair songs and that i think of the characters are especially cool.

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