What are some money cheats for Stick RPG 2?/?

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I need money cheats and i would like to know if you can have cars in stick rpg 2?
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  • CJ answered 3 years ago
While working as a hitman, go to vinnies, whilst the diologe were you can work is selected, click the Blackjack table, then work, then leave the blackjack table whislt the progress report is open, then, without closing the progress report, exit vinnies, then enter once more, and click work, the progress report should not come up, but you will be payed every time you click "work", time will not move either. Click "work" untill you have a satisfactory amount of cash.

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  • faisaal answered 3 years ago
    what is that previous answerer talking about?
    dude/duded she's talking about a game!
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