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How do you see the AFC playoffs looking after the regular season?

The New England Patriots are a lock for their division, and with a 2-game lead it would appear the Steelers are on their way to winning their division. But who do you think wins the AFC South and the AFC West? And which two AFC teams who didn't win their division will sneak into the playoffs as a wild cards?

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    AFC East - Patriots (#1 seed)

    AFC North - Steelers (#2 seed)

    AFC South - Jags (#3 seed)

    AFC West - Chargers (#4 seed)

    Wildcards - Ravens (#5), Jets (#6)

    I think the AFC East is pretty much decided, and I think both the Steelers and Jags will hold on. The Colts have a shot, but I don't think they match up well in their next 2 games with Jacksonville and Oakland. The Chiefs, I don't think will be able to hold on. The Chiefs I think have a tougher schedule down the stretch than San Diego does, and I think the Chargers will win out, with Oakland playing the spoiler role and beat Kansas City on the final weekend and cost the Chiefs the division.

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  • 9 years ago

    Here is the current playoff picture:

    Patriots - Division leader (likely to clinch first round bye and home field)

    Jaguars - Division leader

    Steelers Division leader (will likely win division and get first round bye)

    Chiefs - Division leader (despite yesterday's loss)

    Jets - 5th place wild card position

    Ravens - Final wild card spot

    Based on this, I would say that this is the likely scenario. IN the AFC South, the Colts are on the outside looking in. They still have a shot, but because the Jags are playing that much better, I just don't see them winning the division or sneaking in the playoffs. For the West, I think despite the Chiefs playing horribly yesterday, they can still win the division. The Chargers did win yesterday which was a much needed win to stay in the race, but they need to ensure that they win their final games. Their last two games should be easy enough to win. They play the Broncos and the Bengals which to me means they could still play spoiler in that division. The Chiefs are in trouble without Cassel so it would not surprise me if they lost two of their last three. I say this to say, the Chargers could up end the Chiefs, but it won't be a definite until we see how the Chiefs bounce back.

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  • 9 years ago

    East - Pats obviously, looking like the SB champs already.

    West - KC, sorry but SD stumbled too early too often, got a gift with Cassel out.

    South - Jax holds on to win, Colts are due to miss out and just dont look good.

    North - Steelers have it locked up.

    Jets have disappeared, tough call for the WC, maybe Ravens, Jets.

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  • 9 years ago

    I think that this is what the playoff picture will look like...

    Patriots will get the bye + home field advantage.

    Steelers will win division.

    Jacksonville will win the South division and outplay Indy in the long run. (If Indy makes it, they won't get past the 1st round)

    Kansas City will win the West.

    The Jets and the Ravens (MAYBE Colts/Chargers) will get the wildcard berth.

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  • Dan
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    9 years ago

    Steelers will represent the AFC in the Super Bowl and win it easily.

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  • Leo L
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    9 years ago

    All I can say is it sure makes it interesting when things are still this muddled with three weeks to go.

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