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Since 2010 is almost over did you like it? What would your rate it out of 10?

I hated 2010 I rate it 0 1. I'm Haitian so the earthquake I lost connection to my grandparents (they were ok thank goodness) then it got worst in the summer me and my mom turned broke and since the heat wave hit are area I almost died of heatstroke then are car broke, (we live near the mall like 5 mins for walking) we had to walk to the grocery store.(we had an ultra cool air conditioner) but since we eventually ran out of food I almost died of starvation, so we had to go to the food bank. And yada yada ya, school time and I got a really mean teacher and my BFF turned against me and Backstabbed me and then I Backstabbed her it was so retarded I got in a fight with an old "friend" which I did not mind then I got a new/old BFF. And so on

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    I'd give it a 4 :(

    Turning 18 is not all that for me

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    Jerry Reinsdorf (proprietor): 10 he's an astounding proprietor. He we could GM Kenny Williams do plenty. he's super dependable too. Kenny Williams (GM): 5 I especially much sense it is merely too beneficiant. He did prepare a White Sox team that went to the international series. yet i think that's why he nonetheless has a activity. In his 10 seasons as GM of the White Sox, the team has in undemanding terms made the playoffs two times, that's pathetic, given the payroll proprietor Jerry Reinsdorf we could him have. additionally, consistent with annum, he says that because he used a great form of funds to get best loose brokers (like Adam Dunn, who's hitting under .one hundred eighty), followers could desire to come again and help the team to earn that decrease back. As he says this, the team has a dropping checklist and the massive loose brokers won't be able to play properly. i don't recognize precisely who's paid the main yet i recognize that Dunn, Peavy, and Rios are close to the coolest of the checklist and are hurting the team greater suitable than helping. If he likes a participant, he will bypass all out to get that participant, without thinking for the team. He consistently cherished Peavy, Dunn, and Ken Griffey Jr. and those acquisitions did not something to assist the team. heavily, Griffey Jr.? i think of the only reason Kenny Williams continues to be GM is with the help of the fact the international series in 2005 and the undeniable fact that Reinsdorf is so dependable. i choose Kenny Williams out.

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    It was a bad year for me. My grandfather suffered so much due to cancer and it was terrible watching him go through that and then he passed away in July. RIP. My other family that live in Canada couldn't afford to all come for his funeral so only my aunt came. I found out that I have a cyst on my brain. Have to go for an MRI next year and find out what the doctors are going to do. Not a good year financially and school was hard work but I persevered and I thank God that I'm still alive today and my family is well.

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    Honestly 2010 was one of the worst years I've had... My family moved to the US in 2008, and i've never had this much Anti-Foreign slurs thrown at me before, my family got into a big fight with a neighbour, we have a new kid at school who is Anti-Semitic (my family is Jewish). Things just went down hill.

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    Oh my gosh I'm so sorry for all you been through. All give it a 10/10 that this year is almost over

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    it was a little like a normal year, but it has been pretty good, so id rate it a 5 or 6

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    Wow im so sorry to hear all that! But next year can be a fresh start! :)

    i would rate it 6. I hope next year will be better...

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    I hope 2010 is the worst year of my life I hate it soo much.I fell sick often and my family toothen we have etc.,etc.,..

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    I hated it as well. I give it 0.

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    I'd give it a 6.5. There were a lot of ups and downs.

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