How to pass the AWS CWI test?

I will be taking my test for the 3rd time and I am getting stumped on some of the questions on how they are worded it is a timed test of 2 hrs with 150 questions involved with terminology that is phd quality but the material that i have stud died is not in that language. Is that fair or should I say something about it? Need help!!!

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    American Welding Society (AWS) Certified Welding Inspector (CWI) There are a lot of different tests the AWS gives to become a certified welding inspector. Without you providing more information on which test your taking this question is impossible to answer. I will tell you from my own experience taking AWS-CWI tests. That basically you have to know the AWS codes in order to pass any AWS that you are taking. I have provided a link below that will help you pass any test the AWS gives. I hope this helps you and good luck on your test.

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    I know this is an old post but... If this is truly how you feel select a different line of work! The part b, yes it is tough, so is being a CWI. When you take the test you are taking only the code portion to the selected code. The rest of the test (part a and b) are to ensure that an inspector has a general working knowledge of what they are doing and looking at and that they can work form any code. That is why the part b is made up. It is to see if you can find the pertinent information in a timely fashion regardless of familiarity. Your wallet card does not say API 1104, or D1.1 or any other specific code, it says you are a Certified Welding Inspector. They are testing to see if you have what it takes to be one of the elite few that pass. I scored and 85% on part b and an 84% cumulative and still felt like I left too much on the table. There is no gold star for finishing at the top of your class however, it is simply a pass fail test.

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    Cwi Test

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    Well this scares the **** out of me. I have been pipeline welding for 35yrs. and have decided to get the aws cwi. I know the fail rate is high and now I know why. How in the **** are you supposed to pass the ***** if you dont get all that prepared in the seminar? A few years ago like 15 you didnt have to have all of this **** to get an inspector job. I have inspected some but it is harder to find a slot without any certs. I guess I can get a bunch of diet pills and try and memorize the useless crap.

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    Real Education Cwi

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    They can't make me take it...I make people pass MY test first anyways...

  • 6 years ago

    I hear ya bro! The whole thing is bs. Neither the seminar or the test PREPARES an individual to be a cwi.

    I've dealt with many CWI's throught he years. Work reaches a hold point, the CWI is scheduled, he comes out and reviews paper work, signs and stamps it if all "appears" to be in order and then IT'S OFF TO THE GOLD COURSE OR THE BAR!

    If a CWI really did all they are lead to believe they are required to do they would be shot on site or their boss would be called and asked that they send someone else next time because it would take 10 years for a project to ship.

    Other than the hold point at weld start up (a visual task) all the cwi does is review paperwork: MTR's, NDE & hydro reports. He has no choice but to trust these results given by other entities. I.e. MTR's have mechanical tests, alloy verification and hardness results on them. What is he/she supposed to do, pull a lathe, a mill, a chapry impact machine, a pmi gun and a hardness tester our of their *** and redo all the tests themselves to VERIFY that the results given are correct? HELL NO!! Are they to get an IR192 source and redo the x-ray? It all boils down to trust. You have no choice but to trust the results given or no job would ever get done.

    The seminar provided by AWS is a FRICKING!!! DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY ON IT!!!!!!

    All they do is show slides of pages out of the WIT book they've already supplied you. Buy it on line and read it.

    I have 25 years in inspection and I can honestly say that 90% of the WIT is "filler" info used so aws ends up with a book 1" thick. And the tricky bastard turn around and ask many question on the test that are from those "filler" material. That's where they gitcha!!! And then when you complain they say "well, it;s in your WIT book.

    The code section is a given. Just tab your book and familiarize your self with it. Especially the *notes. They like to ask questions where the answers are in the notes. If taking API 1104 spend a lot of time on Appendices A& B. Very time consuming to cull answers from them as the info is in long, run on paragraphs and not small to medium sized subsections with boldface headings like the rest of sections.

    My main *****!

    A pathetically inadequate amount of time is spent teaching one to use the part B spec. To me this is where AWS is ripping people off!! People are spending their hard earned $$$ and their ability to earn an income or advance their careers and increase their income lies solely in the hands of these tricksters. SHAME ON AWS for this. SHAME!!!!!!

    Albeit a mock spec, it is indicative to what a welding foreman/engineer would use to complete his day to day responsibilities. It is incredibly detailed and requires at least 3 days of training on how to traverse it's sections (especially for the newbie) and to become adept at finding the important aspect of the question and then taking that aspect (answer) to another section and using that answer to locate the appropriate row or column to gain the next answer all while cross checking against any notes that may apply. It's a goose chase. Very time consuming! But that's real world, there's no getting around that. I have no problem with that...but 3 hours of the last day of the seminar is now where near enough time to become adept at using this mock spec in a test situation. Panic sets in, your brain freezes up and despair sets in and YOU FAIL!

    KASH should be done away with and replaced with EMFTT. Eidetic Memory & fast test taker. AWS is playing police to make sure only these types of people get jobs in the industry.

    The irony is, again, in my 25 years, every cwi I've worked with just reviews paperwork, may witness a P.T. or hydro or load test and then they are out of their because they, like the rest of us are doing the work of 10 people and they got no time to do all AWS says your supposed to do.

    I've forgotten more **** than most card carrying CWI's will ever know.

    It's pay your money and bend over and hope to gain acceptance into a god 'ol boys club so you can feed your kids.

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