how much money do i need while in windhoek Namibia?????

I am studying aboard to Windhoek Namibia in african and i know our money in the US is greater than there but how much wil i need to ,, i will be at a university so i will not need to buy things such as food and rent or anything of that such.. but as a college student how much will i need??

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  • Odie
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    9 years ago
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    I have heard very negative things about the Government Universities over there. After working with a few of their graduates I can tell you that they were clueless. I hope you will be using a private institution.

    Can't you find a community college or something in the States instead.

    If you still want to push forward with it then the McDonalds index says a Big Mac is around N$29 and it is tiny compared to the American version. I assume you would want to buy a car. that would cost you around N$50 000 for something that will last you a few years. It is slightly more expensive than South Africa. Leave about N$2000 for insurance and petrol. Make sure you have told your bank that you will be using your cards in Namibia before you leave otherwise they will not work. If you have all your expenses taken care of then Maybe another N$1000 a month for junk food drinks and movies.

  • 9 years ago

    That will depend on you. How long will you stay, will you travel the country while there etc.

    But US$1 = +/- N$8.

    If you have a visa debit/ credit card you will be able to use it. They are fairly developed. Not as developed as South Africa, but well enough that you can use your card.

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