why are the events of karbala hidden from some sunni SCHOLARS?

and briefly touched or mentioned to others? this is a video of the syrian MUFTI that never heard of the events of karbala from his teachers.. he had to find out by himself the tragedy that occurred.. isnt this topic included under the sira(lives) of the prophet, his family, and the sahaba? what are your thoughts on this..


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"... and i find myself, and allow me to say this in honesty, decades while i am at the seats of studying, never heard it from one of my teachers, that the day of ashoura was the day that the (worst) tragedy of the islamic nation occurred.. why were they hiding this from us? may allah forgive them.. they say "fearing that you get touched and become a shia".. fearing! are truths concealed due to fearing sects?! do we conceal the truth so that we dont weigh in for a sect against a sect?! leave us from all this, people!!

the period have passed where religion is used as a tool for the policies of people.. and the time that is used by those who were falsely called amir al mu'mineen (prince(ruler) of the believers), and use this title to spread injustice, have passed..

the prince of the believers is none but a person that measure himself with the scale of righteousness first, and weigh himself by the sharia secondly, then weigh himself and his family with the scale of islam thirdly.. this is amir almu'mineen (the prince of believers).. but being the ruler of the believers using a swear of allegiance taken by force, or using an election that was won by rigging and bribing, then this is not a prince of anyone, but a follower of his desires, self, and pleasure.. (this is) a truth, i have to declare."

note that this is not some common sheikh we run into everyday, this is the mufti of syria, ie the leader of scholars in syria, and the person that makes fatwas for syrians.


@white horse.. are u seriously incapable of distinguishing a shia scholar from a sunni one?

@wahhabi, this guy first heard of the event when he researched it on his own.. and at the times he studied, i doubt that the internet was this developed, and i doubt that they had access to the internet, everything they studied was from their teachers, and somehow their teachers, in decades of teaching him, never mentioned the incident.. and that is because they 'fear' he might become a shia.. that's a very convincing reason to conceal the truth..

Update 2:

@saladin, and u are supposed to be a good example of a being with a brain? lol

Update 3:

@muhammad, thanks for answering, but the event of karbala is not some battle that took place in the desert, it has many meanings to it.. it was a fight of righteousness verses tyranny, and a school for every person seeking righteousness. because although imam hussein(as) was sure that he was going to sie in that battle, he never backed down from a righteous stand, even when it caused him his life, and if he did, at that particular period in islam, yazid would have had his way with the religion, and it would have been altered as the ones before it, but the battle made people aware of this.. ie a person that has no shame in killing the prophet's grandson, can go to further levels.. so islam was protected by imam hussein's martyrdom, even if yzid won in military terms, imam hussein's mission was to increase awareness among people if he was not able to win the battle.. and that;s what happened.

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    I was at the masjid two nights ago...

    and the agha said something really interesting after the maqrib isha prayer...

    at Karbala in the army against Imam Hussain (a.s) there wasn't a single Iranian, Christian, or a Jew... in this doomed army they were ALL so called Muslims...

    but in Mukhtar's army to avenge Imam Hussain (a.s) 80% of them were Iranian... the number of Iranians were so big that they spoke farsi in their camps...


    my answer is pointed towards those who claim that the Shia killed Imam Hussain (a.s)...

    well... sorry to burst ur bubble... but history and facts are against u...


    thank God that no Iranian, Christian or Jew was in the cursed army against Imam Hussain (a.s)... or we would have had more to deal with when talking to the kinds of these men!

    and political power?

    do u thing anything would be left of Islam if Imam Hussain (a.s) didn't rise against these oppressors?

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    don't bather asking cuz all the ppl n here r just crazy and not willing to listen and for that guy that said shia killed imam hussein (as) seriously dude the ppl that were in iraq at that time were under who ever of the sahaba so technically u killed him not us they changed after the event cuz they show how the sahaba were wrong and that the killed one of the greatest person that is from the prophets family

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    It is matter of Muslim history, has nothing to do with Islam as religion because Islam as religion has already been completed before this event occurred.

    All historic sources about this event we have are reported by Jews, Shia's are knocking the bell of Karbala based upon the sources of Jew historians.


    Karbala incident was purely political power gaining game, when someone is going to Kufa to form a Parallel government, do you think the ruler will leave him to do so?? Hussain Bin Ali ra should be patient and remain in Madeena to wait for his turn. nothing religious, just political.

    Source(s): Islam as religion was completed on last Hajj of Muhammad pbuh, all Muslim scholars do take care of it and discuss in khutba's.
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    It hasn't.

    Karbala has been used to malign some of the greatest “Sahaba” of the Prophet Muhammad. Saheikh Madani clears the fog and describes the truth about Karabala. The narrative does not malign anyone and is full of eulogies of Hazrat Ali and Hazarat Husein. It does however take the drama out of the incident and presents fact about Karbala.

    Sh. Zafar -Ul-Hasan Madani- Karbala -13



    also see:

    The True story of Karbala–Audio


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    Sorry about my answer to your last question. I misread it.

    Please forgive me.

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    lol >he is shia "you kidding!!

    btw ,that is 100% taqyyah .lol

    btw ,why most shia do not know they are the real killers of huseen "r.a"

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