What are the pros and cons of being in an early college high school?

I'm in a early college high school, (ECHS) and i'm doubting whether i should stay in or not, i would graduate with an associates, and maybe a bachelors. However, the program has a lot of flaws, no sports, electives, (NO FUN) just work. A LOT of work. I myself have suffered from panic attacks and more stress than a 15 year old should have. I'm a sophomore. I do plan on going to college either way.

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  • 10 years ago
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    I honestly do not see a real benefit.

    Why rush you life away. I do not know many people would consider ECHS a college education so I am not so sure about the bachelors. I guess the benefit to getting two years of college under your belt would be that you could take your time and take 2 years of college courses in three years and then go to graduate school. I do not see any real benefit to graduating college two years early.

    You are going to have many, many working years ahead of you. Why rush to do it two years earlier than most.

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    10 years ago

    If you go to one of these high schools you are on the fast-track to developing your mind. The importance of a college education increases more every day. In the 1940s it was OK for our high schools to produce 20% of the "professional class" 20% of the office/support staff, and 60% of the agriculture/mechanical workers. Unfortunately, our economy has now changed due to free trade and almost every American needs to become a part of the "professional class."

    COLLEGE MATTERS (Youtube.com/CollegeResearchVideo) if you want to become a part of this "professional class." If you want to earn a nice salary, own your own home, and work in a fairly stable job, you must develop your brain. I know that you are going through some growing pains right now, but keep muddling through it because it will be worth it the day you cut your first paycheck. The alternative of not going to college and being relegated to directly compete in anything involving manual labor is not enticing given our global economy.

    Source(s): www.youtube.com/CollegeResearchVideo
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