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Trouble installing aftermarket head unit?

I have a 2002 pontiac bonneville and i bought an aftermarket head unit to replace my stock one. So after my friends and i got tired of trying to figure it out ourselves since i was a really tight fit and we were jamming it into the dash kit i went to best buy and after a few hours they called and told me that the wire plug that goes from my car to the radio has some fidgity wires so it has to essentially sit in one spot or else it cuts out. What else can i really do to fix this?

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    Unless you trade the head unit for a better fitting one, the offending sheetmetal may need to be forced out of the way- the "Armstrong Method" sometimes works with a hammer and large drift pin or chisel. If what's in the way happens to be airconditioning ductwork, you don't want to beat on that . The installers need to be told they can force fit the unit or make reasonable modifications.

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