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Anonymous asked in Politics & GovernmentLaw & Ethics · 9 years ago

Legalizing Marijuana Research Paper?

I am doing a research paper on legalizing marijuana. Can someone give me some good sites with alot of info on why it should be legalize? Why is it illegal, benefits of legalizing it...

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago
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    Google These Videos:

    BBC Canabis: The Evil Weed?

    BBC Should I Smoke Dope?

    BBC If... Drugs were legal.

    BBC If... Drugs were legal - The "If" Debate.

    The History Channel Hooked Illegal Drugs and How They Got That Way

    National Geographic Channel Drugs, Inc.

    National Geographic Channel Explorer Marijuana Nation

    BBC Is Alcohol More Dangerous Than Ecstasy?

    CNBC Marijuana USA

    Marijuana A Chronic History

    Grass: The history of marijuana

    CNBC Marijuana Inc: Inside America's Pot Industry

    HIGH The True Tale of American Marijuana

    Penn & Teller "The War on Drugs"

    BBC Our Drugs War

    BBC How Does Cannabis Work?

    How Weed Won The West : A Documentary On Marijuana

    The Union: The Business Behind Getting High (2007)

    Fantastic Documentary on Cannabis by BBC

    Also, listen to the Radio Program called "LoveLine" with Doctor Drew. He goes in to great detail of how Marijuana effects the brain. He says that only a small percentage of people that already have "The Addiction Gene", which is really a series of genetic characteristics that get lumped in together, even have the ability to get addicted to marijuana but when it happens, the addiction is profound.

    You can listen to back episodes at a place called something like "" or something like that. You have to register to download but it is free.

    Don't fall for the bullshit of either end of the spectrum... On one side you have people telling you that Marijuana leads you to giving random strangers hand jobs to support your addiction while the other side tells you that marijuana is as "Dangerous" as eating flax seed...

    BOTH are wrong...

    Marijuana contains psychoactive substances and all psychoactive substances have consequences. Weed is far less dangerous than booze, but if kids smoke weed, it alters how their brain forms and results in life long consequences and when adults smoke it all the time, it makes them disorientated and forgetful, which is hell on employment.

    Weed is a mild intoxicant that should be used with great care by adults that understand the consequences of their actions.

    p.s. SMOKING marijuana DOES cause lung damage and can lead to cancer. It isn't the weed that causes cancer, rather the fact that ANY type of combusted plant matter will cause lung problems. It is the fire and smoke that cause the harm. Period. End of debate. When you set fire to something and inhale the resulting smoke, you are breathing in super hot smoke that damages the tissues of the mouth, throat, the cilia of the lungs, and coats the lungs in carbon, tar, and various other chemicals that a) are directly from the combusted material or b) created in a chemical reaction when the material is set aflame. Smoking out of a "Bong" cools the smoke, again, regardless of the material being smoked, which saves the cilia from being destroyed but you are still breathing in soot and tars and carcinogens. This is why "Vaporizers" and "Edibles" are coming in to vogue as prices slowly come down.

    Smoke = Lung Problems.

    Group Smoking = Possible spread of tuberculosis through both bong sharing and coughing.

    Marijuana is NOT harmless, it is just much much less harmful than any other form of popular intoxicant.

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  • 4 years ago

    1. I feel that if it's legalized or not it will be here to stay. It's used world wide. 2. It really doesn't bother me. I see alcohol as a bigger threat. It brings people rage out. 3.I don't believe pot has made me stupid, I know what I knew before I tried it and still have my knowledge after trying it. 4.I think it might actually decrease crime. In example alcohol. There was more organized crime before it became legal. Once it became legal all of it was taken away. 5. Yes but perhaps with age restrictions. 6.Yes, such as in Amsterdam. Or like alcohol with the age limit being 18 and not 21 in Mexico. There are more underaged drinkers in America. 7.There are many Americans that hide their usage so I would not be able to say. 8.No I do not, personal experience. 9.I've seen people smoke to control themselves something along the lines as ADD. Others to get high. Others to relax. 10. Yes I have. I was actually just curious. I had so many people telling me don't do that don't do this, that I went looking for it myself to see what the big deal was. 11. I believe the first time I did not get high. 12. No. Unless the goverment can tax it then yes. Oh I almost forgot to mention you should see the documentary from the history chanel: Marijuana. It's great it just explains about where it came from and when it was legal in the USA and the reasons why it became illegal (they used alot of propaganda and untruth for it to become illegal), how making it illegal opened the floodgates to other harder drugs. I never knew that marijuana got tied up to being illegal most part of the reason being because they didn't want immigrants here. It's very interesting and think everyone should watch it.

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  • 5 years ago

    This Site Might Help You.


    Legalizing Marijuana Research Paper?

    I am doing a research paper on legalizing marijuana. Can someone give me some good sites with alot of info on why it should be legalize? Why is it illegal, benefits of legalizing it...

    Source(s): legalizing marijuana research paper:
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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    one of the reasons it is illegal, is kinda like the debate between weed, alcohol and tobacco. tobacco doesn,t intoxicate you, and alcohol can't be consumed without choice. weed smoke can get someone high involuntarily, and is way worse than cigarettes, not true.

    if they want to preach about how bad weed is for you, then they would cut down the legal status of alcohol advertising, and completely outlaw tobacco. tobacco is pointless, and look at all of the alcohol related deaths. true, there is a larger sample size of tobacco users and alcohol users, but the percentage of deaths from those as opposed to weed, by proportion, is way more for the things that are actually legal. people say that weed is good for cancer or whatever, no, but it helps reduce pain. there has NEVER been a linked case of marijuana smoking and cancer. marijuana freezes brain cells, yet alcohol kills brain cells, and liver. you see people die all the time from choking on their own vomit due to alcohol blackouts. cannabis would be good for the clothing industry, and there would beless examples of users who went on to cocaine or something like that, because if it were legal, people would more easily get high grade weed and be able to smoke that instead of using cocaine and things like that. and i recently saw a stat where marijuana users are 17x more likely to use cocaine, well yeah, it's because of the war on drugs being so focused on weed, that thing like heroin, meth and cocaine aren't focused on. and if it were legal, and sold commercially, there would be an environment without cocaine, so that the user of marijuana would not be exposed to it, and end up using it. basically, my point there is that with legalization, you could focus more on hardcore drugs, and people wouldnt be buying from dealers that may also tempt them into buying these drugs.

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  • 9 years ago

    This is a link that breaks down the science behind how marijuana works in building materials and discusses it's advantages over conventional building materials.

    This is a link to a site that breaks down the science of farming marijuana for fuel and compares it to other fuels. It also gives links to their resources.

    Youtube thumbnail


    This is 1 of 3 videos on the 4th national conference on marijuana theraputics featuring some of the worlds top researchers on marijuana.

    Youtube thumbnail


    This is 2 of 3 videos

    Youtube thumbnail


    3 of 3 videos

    This link gives more details and facts on the 1974 Heath/Tulane study, that "proved" marijuana kills brain cells, than any other

    This link gives a basic overview of all the arguments of why marijuana should be legal. With links to the extremely detailed sources of these overviews.

    This link gives information on the studies done on how marijuana effects driving with quoted official statements and sources.

    Here is the CDC chart of official death rates caused by drug use in the U.S., notice that marijuana is not on the list...

    Source(s): This is a link to my Facebook page "The Truth About Weed, Pot and Marijuana" that shows pictures of the usefulness of marijuana, loaded with videos on the possitives of marijuana, covers a wide variety of issues with a compilation of arguements including an argument of making coffee illegal based on the same arguments of why marijuana should be legal, studies done on marijuana including the conclusion of these studies in the Journal of Neurology, links to sources and resources where you can post, make comments, discuss issues and collect information.
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  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    legalizing marijuana research paper:

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Sure, here are all the sources I use when I debate marijuana legalization online: (not as bad as tobacco or alcohol) (how much money it costs) (how many people have used) (how many people have used) (1 in 3) (relative addictiveness of drugs) (beer industry wants pot illegal) (Constitutionality) (truth) (Marijuana does not cause lung cancer)

    Source(s): Links that I use (I have many more but YA only lets me post 10 in a single question. Hope I helped.
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