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Icos HE18 Boiler displays 'c' with led flashing - is it a fault? What does it mean?

The Boiler runs even when the Timers are OFF (for both HW & CGH). I have noticed that over the last week or so (very cold weather) the boiler will start in the middle of the night (both Timers are off), will run for 15-20 seconds, and then will go off! Five or so minutes later it will repeat! It continues to display 'c' and with the led flashing slowly! I have no way to reset it and thus to stop it flashing the led! It does not appear to go into standby at the end of cycle (i.e. when Timers set to OFF, or when the time is outside the selected window).

Otherwise, all works fine. The Hot Water is OK (hot) as and when required, as well as all Radiators heat up when timed. When timed the Boiler will start, displays 'c', led flashes more quickly for a while, and then led stays steady.

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    One of the Motorised valves is faulty keeping the boiler going.

  • b
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    9 years ago

    Try the makers website for the manual, that way you will get the correct answer

  • Rita
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    4 years ago

    Call an engineer.

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