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Music skips during slide transitions on Powerpoint Mac 2008?

I made a presentation last month using this program with music and had no problems. Now I made a new one and the music is skipping when the slides transition. I am doing this on a Mac Snow Leopard desktop. If I create the same presentation on my Mac laptop, the skipping is not occurring (though if I save ppt to an external drive from the desktop and play it on my laptop it still skips also). What gives? My settings are all correct (transition timing, number of slides, etc). It is not a corrupted sound files because if I swap out the music it is still happening.


Actually, it is doing it on my laptop too now. ?

Update 2:

I thought it was a system resource issue also so I tried working on it with everything else closed as you suggested but it made no difference. The fact that it was also doing this on my laptop made it appear as though it had to be another issue.

After trying various combinations of everything I could think of, I finally ended up changing the border on the photos (of all things!) and that helped. I got down to the thinnest border and the skipping issue stopped except for one slide. Bizarre. I am working with very large file sizes on each slide but have done that in the past with no issues. For whatever reason, changing the borders helped on this so hopefully it will help someone else reading this.

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    It sounds like you used up all your RAM and the computer is now using the hard drive for additional RAM space, which is a lot slower than physical RAM. Use the Activity Monitor application that's in the Applications > Utilities folder to see if you've used more RAM than you have on your computer.

    Restarting and then only using PowerPoint may help solve this problem if freeing up RAM being used by other applications is enough to get you going.

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    you could decide directly to cover the slide. this is going to immediately pass that distinctive slide whilst offering. only precise click on the slides on the left panel and choose the "cover" determination. desire that helps.

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