What is this movie? Please?

I saw this movie when i was little and i really want to know what it is. This brother and sister visit a summer home or something like that, then they get caught in this fairy land and the king is a bad guy(i think). Does anyone know what this movie is?

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  • 10 years ago
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    Here's a guess:

    Behind the Waterfall (1995)

    starring Gary Burghoff, Luke Baird, Alyssa Hansen, Gena Gale Burghoff

    MSN synopsis:

    The death of their father sends a young pair of siblings embark on the journey of a lifetime in director Scott Murphy's uplifting look at the importance of faith and imagination in overcoming life's adversities. Sent to spend the summer with their aunt in Erinville after their father dies, Tommy and his teenage sister Becky begin the healing process by bonding with their cousin Alex. Upon meeting Alex's wise older friend Mr. Connors, Tommy and Becky learn that in order to move on with their lives they will have to find the courage to see life in a new light.

    IMDb review excerpt:

    (The children learn about) fairy rings where you could get stuck dancing for seven years. Everything seems to be going smoothly until Mr. Connors has a heart attack. The young boy figures out a way to save to save him by finding an old flute Connors had had stolen from him. Actually, it is the fairy king's flute.

    There might be another possibility, but I'll have to check on it.

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  • 10 years ago

    More specifics please. remember any quotes from it? actors? actresses? year made?

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