What are your thoughts on these questions and quotes of Spirit-ual matters?

What truly is our best of science, for the purpose in unity base truth in natural accuracies making for us-us, compatible, making peace of minds?

Is it a true statement that Jesus Christ is words of restoration of Love to a better science?

Can things just progress along in your belief with out “character armor”?

Jesus went to the cross with out sin (missing the mark) and still laid a pattern to life in life base truth of the Father?

“The most precious things of human culture are base on the repression of instinct” (Freud)

“Wilhelm Reich’s answered to Freud is that this repression is not at all the basis of culture and civilization. On the contrary, he believes it in stills a rigidity in human organism that activates mechanisms of fear and violence. It was men like this, who killed Christ. For they could not tolerate the free, uninhibited, innocent flow of life and love that manifested in and through *him*.”

Thanks for your sincere thoughts for our body’s sakes..

Thoughts a rouse and study of thoughts coming from "The Sacred Embrace of Jesus and Mary" by Jean-Yves Lelpoup

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    Seventh-day Adventist web-site:


    Sabbath information site:


    Find an Adventist Church near you:


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    Seventh-day Adventists strongly believe in Christ Death, Burial, Resurrection, Trinity, Creation, Second Coming and in keeping the Law of God as defined in the Ten Commandments. The fourth Commandment is the Sabbath Commandment(Exodus 20:8-11). "REMEMBER THE SABBATH DAY TO KEEP IT HOLY."

    The Biblical Sabbath is on the Seventh day of the week which is on Saturday. This is the difference between us and other Churches. God established the Sabbath at Creation(Genesis 2:1-3). It has never been changed by divine authority.

    Bible Study@9:30am Saturday . Sabbath Worship@11:00am Saturday.

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    John - Chapter 3

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    If Jesus Christ could desire to be the writer of the international, and be born and bypass by mortality, then why might it relatively is unusual that Heavenly Father did not additionally? the alternative that God replaced into on my own interior the universe until 6,000 years in the past, is what desires to be defined.

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