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Mary asked in SportsTennis · 1 decade ago

Can someone answer this about Steffi Graf?. Please help!?


I'm a big Steffi Graf fan, and I'm trying to get some details about Steffi's matches against Gabriela Sabatini and Jana Novotna?.

First off, what is Steffi's head to head record against Sabatini?. And what is Steffi's head to head against Jana?. A friend told me Jana beat Steffi more often than Sabatini did, is this true?.

Secondly, I'm too young to remember Steffi beating Sabatini in the '91 Wimbledon Final, and Steffi playing Jana in the '93 Wimbledon final. Can someone please tell me about those 2 matches?. Did Jana ever hold a match point at '93 Wimbledon, and how close was Sabatini to winning against Steffi at '91 Wimbledon?. Also, is it true Sabatini and Jana choked badly against Steffi in those Wimbledon Finals?.

Lastly, between Jana and Sabatini, who was a tougher opponent for Steffi, and why?.

I appreciate any information that someone can pass along to me!.

Thank you!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    steffi H-2-H record vs sabatini: steffi leads 29-11

    steffi H-2-H record vs novotna: steffi leads 29-4

    for any H-2-H records you want got to,,12781,00.html, hover over the "players" link and click the "head to head" option in the drop down menu.


    dont know if either sabatini or novotna held match points over steffi in their wimbledon finals, or if they choked - however both went to 3 sets so they were quite close matches.


    from the statistics i would say sabatini was the tougher opponent, she managed to win many more matches against steffi while losing the same amount as novotna did, she also won her matches on a variety of surfaces (clay, hard and carpet), whereas novotna only won her 4 matches over 2 surfaces (hard & carpet). sabatini also went on a great run vs steffi where at 1 point she won 6 out of 7 matches against her, this run included a run of 4 consecutive wins.


  • 1 decade ago

    I remember watching some of these matches without remembering specifics. Steffi had a huge forehand

    and an incredibly attacking winning style. Sabatini was always limited by her exaggerated topspin which was not really penetrating. She always gave the impression of trying not to lose rather than trying to win. Novotna was the least talented of the 2 but was a very effective, extremely athletic player.

    Personally I remember Novotna being a tougher player although Sabatini was tough on clay.

    You have to realize how superior Steffi was (I saw her beat Martina at 15) until Seles came along. Monica would have pushed Steffi from the top spot permanently if she hadn't been struck down tragically

  • 1 decade ago

    Most of the points are covered in the earlier answers.

    Overall, Sabatini was a more consistently tough opponent and in those 29 wins for Steffi, there are a lot of 3 setters. The real differentiator between them was Steffi's forehand and serve. Sabatini was a good, consistent, allround player but lacked enough power to counter Steffi but could win if Steffi was even a bit off her level.

    It was not until the advent of Seles that Steffi got someone with true 'power' in her tennis and Seles came on strong from both flanks.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    go to and do their head to head profiles to see who won when. You will also see the scores and results of when they did play each other, where, and who won.

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