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How can I prevent Hot Spots on my dog?

I have a Golden Retriever

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    Not an uncommon thing for a Golden.

    First, make sure you are feeding a kibble without any corn, wheat, soy, or by-products including chicken. You must be careful that the treats don't contain any of this either. That should eliminate any allergy problems. Next, get a thyroid panel run by your vet and have them send the blood to Michigan State for a complete analysis, not just the T3 and T4 that most local labs test.

    Hot spots are very itchy and very painful, and if you don't get to the bottom of why your dog gets them, you are in for major trips to the vet, prednisone shots and antibiotics.

    My Golden, my daughters Golden, and several Goldens in my obedience classes all had hot spot problems until they changed the diets, had a thyroid test run, and got on thyroid medication.

    It fixed all of them. Hypothyroidism can damage the immune system, that causes a breakdown in the dogs ability to handle allergies and most stress, which in turn can cause a breaking out of the skin and leading to hot spots.

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    I don't have a dog but I know that in people when they have hot spots (meaning hot areas) that that means either inflation, a break or fracture. If you don't get help (if that's what's needed) then ask your vet for a referral to an accupuncturist (yes there accupuncturists for pets now) and have them determine what's going on and where in the body.

    Of course whatever your pet has might just be normal for his breed or might be something he acquired (an allergy to the food, fleas, cockroackes you don't see, bedbugs) and a (dog) specialist might be able to pinpoint the problem.

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    GOOD food, Fish Oil Capsules, Flea Prevention! You might want to consider grain free food, like Taste of the Wild, but whatever you do make sure the food you feed is a good high quality, premium brand. Stay Away from crappy grocery store brands like, Pedigree & Purina!

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    Retrievers are famous for skin problems. Prevent fleas at all times. Try lamb/rice dogfood to help keep skin healthy. Can give Benadryl daily (twice a day) and also get a Bite Not collar if you need to put a protective collar on him. I had to do all these things.

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    Make sure no fleas (never assume that you don't have them) as #1 cause of hot spots

    If food allergies are a problem, go to grain free

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    That's something to discuss with your vet.

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