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What c/c for this takeoff on "The Lion In Winter" poem?

"How dear of you to let me out of jail...."

Beckett, dead in the Cathedral,

memories of his, and your father's, arms,

but that's only here-say heresy.

"What mother does not love being

locked-up with her children...."

in the political boredom of

throne ascendency....

but not this year, children.

"We'll see the Second Coming

before...." another carpenter

is resurrected from stone-tomb.

"Oh can't you see it is us!

Not countries, not politics,

who breed war....WE are

the barbarians, WE all carry

knives....can't we all live

in peace, for a change?"

We all own this earth,

indivisible by lines on a map.

Indivisible by who challenges who.

We are all barbarians

of the printed word....

"Love me, little lamb, or leave me."

"Departure is a simple act."

Put the left knife down,

and then the right....can't

we all live in peace, for a change?

"Well, all families have their

ups and downs...."

And, 'peace', correctly spelled

here and now, is 'a glimmering

of Light in barbarians' minds.'

We ALL wear cave-skins

to ward against cave-cold,

in fire-lighting our world

of neolithic ideas, printed 'again'.

Murder is a sport.

Again, take the knives I give you.


Lines in quotation marks were spoken by Elinor of Aquitaine, in the 1968 movie "The Lion In Winter"

Elinor was played by Catherine Hepburn, with King Henry of England played by Peter O'Toole.

Update 2:

Many metaphors in this write. Reread, to find their parallels here, in this poetry section.

Update 3:

WUT....you got 4 points for your ridiculous answer which does NOT pertain to the c/c of this posted poem. You will not get the BA, bucko.

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    Hi there !

    long time no see !

    i miss your good morning poems

    they used to make my day

    about the poem

    Peace ....

    a human dream and such a lovely one it is

    the problem is through history somebody always manage to convince nations it could be brought by the knife , the bomb ,club and shield !

    such a dark irony from a dark creature in Control of dark souls manipulating the peaceful dream

    while in fact its more simple than that

    as it could be found in kindness ,mutual forgiveness, justis , friendship and respect

    nice piece

    thanks for sharing

    Source(s): merry christmas peace !
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    Such a lucid answer above^ I don't think one need worry about him and conspiracy. Quite a take on the play/movie. I had to do the research primer to catch up with you. Yes, a lot of metaphors to play with in's one mind. A cast of dysfunctional characters but that would probably describe most situations and 'families'. We do need to take away the knives both literally and figuratively! An excellent read.

  • 3 years ago

    A trifle silly i might say to curse the single that holds the handbag, via letting rip and venting out, it serves to make the difficulty worse. Your won't locate to any extent further effective composing than the above, commencing verse. superb poem.

  • jenny
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    History and mystery,

    if nothing changes nothing changes,

    Peace within is all that is promised.

    mystery and history.

    Pondering pen.

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  • MDB
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    9 years ago

    Are you topless in your avatar? If so, that's kind-of hot ... I dig it.


    Oh, sorry ... where's the poem?

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